What is this poor world coming to?

My heart goes out to the people of Boston and all the runners in the Marathon.  It is so very sad and angering to have some one do something so blatantly evil during an event that is about success and having fun and being with friends and family.  I have no doubt that the authorities will find who did this horrible, reasonless crime.  So much faith that I don’t even think about that person.  The people that I am currently REALLY annoyed with are the ones that are creating and then sending out, on Facebook and Twitter, bogus pictures and stories and conspiracy theories about the bombing.  and then there are the gullible, or naive people that keep passing the stuff around, even though Snopes.com and several news channels and papers have debunked the stories and pictures.  What are they thinking?  They don’t help out anybody by passing along bad information, including themselves.  I just don’t get it. What is this poor world coming to?  It more than a little scary to think about…


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