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Watching the Kites fly

Swallow Tail Kite

A few days ago we had some really terrible winds. Up to 60 miles an hour. There was nothing in the air except debris and sand. Yesterday we had high winds, nowhere near 60 mph though. I was laying down, my legs were killing me from work, and I glanced out the window and saw a flock of Swallow Tail Kites gliding on the wind. Kites, the birds, not the kites kids fly. There are signs all over the parks around here about not disturbing the Kites or their nests, but I had never seen any in flight. Till yesterday. There had to be 10 or 12 birds just floating in the wind. After half an hour, or maybe less, the last of the Kites disappeared behind the trees. It was the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. It was the best thing I had seen all day long and made the wind not so bad. Just for a short while, anyway.


It’s a good ol’ life. Really.

Furry Penquin

Yes, that’s my Little Miss Meow-Yen Kitty trying to see what’s out the window in a place we don’t live in any more. Now she can set in any of 14 windows and watch all the birds she wants to. And for myself, I love this house so much!

I am happy, finally. Really and truly happy. It’s been a long time coming and now it’s here. This doesn’t mean everything is milk and honey. I still have a lot of stresses and worries, but somehow they seem so insignificant. God’s got my back and He’s going ahead of me to fight the battles I can’t fight and everything is right with my world.

A few nights ago, I sat outside and enjoyed one of our infrequent rains. The lightening and thunder just made me smile. I love the rain. Except, until lately, I haven’t enjoyed it as much as I should have. It was startling to me, to realize that I was actually, REALLY, enjoying the rain again.

I still have little furniture in my house, still no sofa, and only 1 kitchen chair, my income just barely covers my expenses, I have a truck that is running on a prayer and no air conditioner, as yet, and it will get hot soon. Still, I am so happy and so at peace that all this is minor. (As I type this, I’m watching a hawk circling out one of my windows. Amazing.) It really is a good life for me. Really.

Wish it was Friday

Obviously it’s Thursday night. I have 1 more day of work then The Weekend. Except that I’m going to be busy on Saturday, too. Here’s my question: When did my life get so busy and why didn’t I notice? Although, even on my day off, lately, I’ve had “other” things to do. I have a house that needs some serious cleaning, a yard that needs some half hearted work (Strange as that may sound, it’s not a bad thing, I only have half a yard right now. (I’m working on it though.), and I just want to spend some time by myself in own house. I’m not really complaining… Well, maybe a little… I just want some time to myself. I want to revel in my own home. Now, I get up, go to work, go to my Mom’s, eat “2nd” lunch, then I come home. Wash the breakfast dishes, water my few plants, play with Meow-Yen, play on the computer, watch a little TV, go to bed and, voila, start all over again the next morning.

Now, don’t misunderstand, I do have fun with my Mom and sister. And they have been very kind and helpful to me, its just that sometimes, once in awhile, I’d like to get up, eat a relaxed breakfast, watch the morning news, or whatever, take a long hot shower, then just dink around the house. Nothing really spectacular, just time to spend on my house.

Is this a rant? Sounds like it. Maybe tomorrow will be better…

An interesting and fun Mother’s Day

Goats bottle fed babies

Spent the afternoon at some friends’ farm. We got some trumpet vines, day lilies and green onion sets. Then we went out to see their baby goats. So many and so cute! Something like 50 or 60 kids. Most of them were brown and white or brown or white, but there was a set of twins that were black with white spots. And just a few days old. SO cute. And mama goat was so white. I got to pet the babies and boy did they fight for a chance to be petted. So cute!

So, now I have another trumpet vine and still no trellis, but that’s okay. First they have to survive transplanting, which I will do tomorrow. Don’t know if all my black eyed peas will survive, but the okra is looking like it might. The tomatoes are looking okay and the columbine is covered with flowers. I’ve decided to put the sunflowers, at least the dwarf ones, by the mail box.

So I got a little more sun that I usually get, but had a great time with the baby goats and got another trumpet vine. (The hummingbirds love them!) Mom and Cindy got some day lilies and some onion sets as well as 2 more trumpet vines. Not a bad day at all.

Such a lovely Saturday


Today I planted. Columbines and tomatoes and black eyed peas and okra. I planted them in pots instead of in the ground because the ground is like concrete. On Thursday, my sister and I planted 3 rose bushes. It was suppose to be 4, but we had to give up after the third rose bush because it was taking so long to dig through the dirt. We did put soil amendments into the holes we did get dug. Decided we’d need an auger to dig any more holes. So, hopefully this Autumn the yard will get rototilled. Now I have to find “homes” for a trumpet vine, a mint plant, some butternut squash, rosemary and thyme and beets.

This morning, before it warmed up, I worked on my kitchen. Got several sinks full of dishes washed (not that I don’t do dishes regularly, its dishes that i bought at garage sales and dishes out of boxes, etc.) and cleaned the stove and oven really well and emptied another box. Yea!

Been thinking about my daybed, still in layaway. With my work situation the way it is, in all honesty, I can’t afford it right now. I can cancel the layaway and get furniture from a second hand store or visit a place here that sells furniture. I have got to have a couch of some sort in this living room. Right now there is 1 chair and a footstool and they have nothing in common with each other. Apart from being in my living room. We have a double birthday party coming up next month and there will be people who will want to come over and see my house. (My Mom’s 80th and my Uncle Mike’s 70th birthdays). I’d really like to be able to offer them places to sit…

Well, it’s almost time for dinner. Gonna be left overs, but that’s okay…

Life, the Universe and Everything

Life, the Universe and Everything

At least that what today feels like. Up early, out to garage sales all over town, then to breakfast and then to a Garden Center in Holly, then to one in, or near, Granada then to Walmart and Safeway and Alco. Then, finally, home. I did well at the garage sales, got cups and saucers to match my plates and other saucers and some cool books. The got a yellow pear tomato, some rosemary, a columbine and another gnome to add to my collection. Now I’m enjoying a Doctor Who episode filled with all sorts of “in jokes”, puns, one liners and just plain silliness. I love those sort of episodes. Then later, I’m going to play with Meow-Yen until she gets pissy with me and runs away. That should do for finishing the day off.