Life, the Universe and Everything

Life, the Universe and Everything

At least that what today feels like. Up early, out to garage sales all over town, then to breakfast and then to a Garden Center in Holly, then to one in, or near, Granada then to Walmart and Safeway and Alco. Then, finally, home. I did well at the garage sales, got cups and saucers to match my plates and other saucers and some cool books. The got a yellow pear tomato, some rosemary, a columbine and another gnome to add to my collection. Now I’m enjoying a Doctor Who episode filled with all sorts of “in jokes”, puns, one liners and just plain silliness. I love those sort of episodes. Then later, I’m going to play with Meow-Yen until she gets pissy with me and runs away. That should do for finishing the day off.


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