Such a lovely Saturday


Today I planted. Columbines and tomatoes and black eyed peas and okra. I planted them in pots instead of in the ground because the ground is like concrete. On Thursday, my sister and I planted 3 rose bushes. It was suppose to be 4, but we had to give up after the third rose bush because it was taking so long to dig through the dirt. We did put soil amendments into the holes we did get dug. Decided we’d need an auger to dig any more holes. So, hopefully this Autumn the yard will get rototilled. Now I have to find “homes” for a trumpet vine, a mint plant, some butternut squash, rosemary and thyme and beets.

This morning, before it warmed up, I worked on my kitchen. Got several sinks full of dishes washed (not that I don’t do dishes regularly, its dishes that i bought at garage sales and dishes out of boxes, etc.) and cleaned the stove and oven really well and emptied another box. Yea!

Been thinking about my daybed, still in layaway. With my work situation the way it is, in all honesty, I can’t afford it right now. I can cancel the layaway and get furniture from a second hand store or visit a place here that sells furniture. I have got to have a couch of some sort in this living room. Right now there is 1 chair and a footstool and they have nothing in common with each other. Apart from being in my living room. We have a double birthday party coming up next month and there will be people who will want to come over and see my house. (My Mom’s 80th and my Uncle Mike’s 70th birthdays). I’d really like to be able to offer them places to sit…

Well, it’s almost time for dinner. Gonna be left overs, but that’s okay…


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