An interesting and fun Mother’s Day

Goats bottle fed babies

Spent the afternoon at some friends’ farm. We got some trumpet vines, day lilies and green onion sets. Then we went out to see their baby goats. So many and so cute! Something like 50 or 60 kids. Most of them were brown and white or brown or white, but there was a set of twins that were black with white spots. And just a few days old. SO cute. And mama goat was so white. I got to pet the babies and boy did they fight for a chance to be petted. So cute!

So, now I have another trumpet vine and still no trellis, but that’s okay. First they have to survive transplanting, which I will do tomorrow. Don’t know if all my black eyed peas will survive, but the okra is looking like it might. The tomatoes are looking okay and the columbine is covered with flowers. I’ve decided to put the sunflowers, at least the dwarf ones, by the mail box.

So I got a little more sun that I usually get, but had a great time with the baby goats and got another trumpet vine. (The hummingbirds love them!) Mom and Cindy got some day lilies and some onion sets as well as 2 more trumpet vines. Not a bad day at all.


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