Wish it was Friday

Obviously it’s Thursday night. I have 1 more day of work then The Weekend. Except that I’m going to be busy on Saturday, too. Here’s my question: When did my life get so busy and why didn’t I notice? Although, even on my day off, lately, I’ve had “other” things to do. I have a house that needs some serious cleaning, a yard that needs some half hearted work (Strange as that may sound, it’s not a bad thing, I only have half a yard right now. (I’m working on it though.), and I just want to spend some time by myself in own house. I’m not really complaining… Well, maybe a little… I just want some time to myself. I want to revel in my own home. Now, I get up, go to work, go to my Mom’s, eat “2nd” lunch, then I come home. Wash the breakfast dishes, water my few plants, play with Meow-Yen, play on the computer, watch a little TV, go to bed and, voila, start all over again the next morning.

Now, don’t misunderstand, I do have fun with my Mom and sister. And they have been very kind and helpful to me, its just that sometimes, once in awhile, I’d like to get up, eat a relaxed breakfast, watch the morning news, or whatever, take a long hot shower, then just dink around the house. Nothing really spectacular, just time to spend on my house.

Is this a rant? Sounds like it. Maybe tomorrow will be better…


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