It’s a good ol’ life. Really.

Furry Penquin

Yes, that’s my Little Miss Meow-Yen Kitty trying to see what’s out the window in a place we don’t live in any more. Now she can set in any of 14 windows and watch all the birds she wants to. And for myself, I love this house so much!

I am happy, finally. Really and truly happy. It’s been a long time coming and now it’s here. This doesn’t mean everything is milk and honey. I still have a lot of stresses and worries, but somehow they seem so insignificant. God’s got my back and He’s going ahead of me to fight the battles I can’t fight and everything is right with my world.

A few nights ago, I sat outside and enjoyed one of our infrequent rains. The lightening and thunder just made me smile. I love the rain. Except, until lately, I haven’t enjoyed it as much as I should have. It was startling to me, to realize that I was actually, REALLY, enjoying the rain again.

I still have little furniture in my house, still no sofa, and only 1 kitchen chair, my income just barely covers my expenses, I have a truck that is running on a prayer and no air conditioner, as yet, and it will get hot soon. Still, I am so happy and so at peace that all this is minor. (As I type this, I’m watching a hawk circling out one of my windows. Amazing.) It really is a good life for me. Really.


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