Such a good weekend.

Birthday ducks

Had the best Saturday ever, and Sunday was just as good, just at a lower level. Saturday I got my swamp cooler fixed and up, thanks to my Uncle Mike and cousins Gordon, Clay and Ian. Now it’s a lovely 68 degrees inside when it’s almost 100 degrees outside. Then, starting around noon, we celebrated my Mom’s 80th birthday and my Uncle Mike’s 70th birthday.

Don’t know what the final count was, but there were lots of people that came in, for well over two and a half hours, to see and talk to Mom and Uncle Mike.  They got to see people they hadn’t seen for years.  We had several family members come in, too.  After the party, we moved to Mom and Cindy’s house for a BBQ and more fun and conversation.  Then this morning – Sunday, all that were still here met for breakfast, which lasted for close to two hours (there were 14 of us at breakfast).  So much fun and laughter and just really good conversation.

Now, as I sit in my very cool and comfortable house reflecting on the last two days, apart from being very tired, I realize what a great family I’ve got.  Not only do they enjoy a good time, who doesn’t, they are all willing to jump in and lend a hand when and where needed.  I am so blessed to have such a great family.


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