A “Bad Day at Black Rock”

Okay, so it’s really the title of an old Spencer Tracy movie, still, today kind of feels that way. Our dishwasher at work had a doctor’s appointment so he left REALLY early which left all of us to do our jobs and his. On top of that, it is Wednesday. Wednesdays and Fridays are our busiest days. We usually have 60+ meals for Meals on Wheels and a lot of people to feed lunch to at the Senior Center. Today, with all meals added together, we served 120 people, + or -.

Because of the severe weather we have had, high winds (60 mph gusts), heavy rains (flash flooding), and hail, the humidity is up really high, which aggravates my asthma something terrible. Not a good day to lose one’s inhaler. I lost my inhaler. Have no idea where. Could have lost it at work, could have lost it at Mom’s, could have lost it at The Marble’s house (we visited them for Mrs. Marble’s birthday). (Sleeping is not going to come easy tonight.) I’ve even shut off my swamp cooler to try to lower the humidity. Right now it’s 54%. That’s a lot for a high desert town. Usually it’s in the single digits.

And I missed Ghost Hunters. That really makes me sad. Oh well…


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