What a difference

rabbits foot fern

I know it’s suppose to say what a difference a day makes, but in my case, it’s been 2 days. And maybe another week. And that’s okay. My lungs are draining, almost half of the fluid is gone from them, and so are my various swollen joints. Yea!  I still have a ways to go, but I’ve found a Doctor that listens to me and doesn’t think I’m nuts, who answers my questions – all of them – and does so in a way that I can understand, and who gets right to the meat of the situation and explains it thoroughly.  And he watches The Big Bang Theory, too!

The conclusion is that I am one of those few individuals that retains fluid when I get over heated. Due mostly to the heat prostration and heat exhaustion episodes I have had. His advice – don’t get over heated. HA! I live in Lamar, Hotter than hell Central. High yesterday, 104. High today was much cooler, 100. But at least we have a plan now for when this happens again. After even just part of the fluid has drained off (the phraseology just cracks me up), I lost another pound. Again, Yea!

So, I go back in a week to make sure all the fluid is off my lungs. Then I’ll get my pneumonia shot, that I didn’t get last year like I was suppose to.  Then maybe all these lung issues will stop. Mostly.  Maybe…


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