What I like about…



Two things that I really like about living in Lamar are Trees. And the Alleys. Polar opposites, right? But not really, at least not the way I see things…

For a town situated in the high desert, there are lots and lots and lots of trees.  The houses that stand out, that everybody comments on, are the houses with only 1 or 2 trees or no trees at all. There are trees of all kinds, Elm trees, Oak trees, Umbrella trees, Cottonwood trees (both cotton-less and those with cotton), Honey Sumac and Black Sumac, Cypress trees and Cedar trees, dwarf trees and trees that are 50 to 60 feet tall. And all shades of green from deep dark greens to light, almost yellow greens. Some perfectly manicured and some just let grow however they want. And I love them all. I, personally, have 2 Elm trees in the front (they’re about 40 feet tall), a dwarf cedar tree by one of the front windows, 2 full sized Cedar trees in the South side yard, 2 Elm and 1 Cotton-less Cottonwood in the back yard and on the north side, I share a Black Sumac and 3 Elm trees with my neighbor. (We’re not really sure where the property boundary line is, so we each take care of them.) And I love them all. One of the reasons I enjoy sitting on my front porch is looking out across the street and seeing nothing but trees. (Well, if you ignore the houses, of course.) I can pretend I’m in my own forest. And that makes things a little cooler, temperature wise.

As for the alleys. They are what you think of when you think of an alley in a small town. Kind of like Mayberry’s alleys. People drive down them, kids walk through them. Garage Sales are held in backyards leading off from them. And they are pretty well care for. I, myself, don’t have an alley (I have a Church), but my Mom does and the City makes a trip down the alley behind her house at least 3 times a year. If you have weeds or grass that butts the alley and it’s not mowed or taken care of properly, you get a ticket from the City.  If you have trash or abandoned vehicles next to the alley, you get a ticket.   Annoying, but it keeps the alleys neat and safe and fun. Some alleys are one way, and some alleys are just barely wide enough to get two cars through, but mostly they’re just your regular, run of the mill alleys. And, again, I love them.


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