A Small-ish Treasure

Turn of the Century Bible

Went out gargae saling today. And after cruising around and finding nothing of any great interest – unless you’re looking for baby clothes, kids clothes or tools – we were starting to get hunger and it was starting to get hot (90 degrees already), we had one more on the list. When we pulled up at the address, oh my there was so much stuff! My sister and I wandered around for swveral minutes. I found a bone chine seal about 1 inch tall (goes with all the other little bone china animals I now own) and Cindy spotted an American Flag (which I needed). Then she motioned me over to where she was standing and said there’s an old book over there you should go look at. I love old books. This one had a leather binding and covers (which weren’t attached) and is about 4 inches thick and measures 10 inches by 12 inches.. That could only be one type of book. an old Bible. I opened it up, very carefully and verified that it was a Bible. I asked how much they wanted for it. One dollar. They found it in a house they bought 10 years or so ago. So, for four bucks today, I got a small bone china seal, a 36 inch by 48 inch American Flag and a wonderful old Bible.

Once home, and with a few minutes to spare to look at it, I realized that I’m going to have to find someone who knows what they are doing to repair/replace the binding. I can repair the damaged pages. The neatest thing I found, though, is, to me, priceless. It’s the record of one family’s births and deaths, circa 1824 to 1867. The paper is very fragile and the writing is very old fashioned. I think I’m going to copy it so I can study on it and not do any damage to the original. So neat to find.

It may not be worth a lot financially, but I am overjoyed to have found it. Thanks so very much to my sister for seeing it.


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