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Rantings tonight


Had a conversation today that kind of riled me up a bit. I was talking to one of the people where I work and for some reason we got onto the topic of voting. As I had just moved back I had had to register to vote and, because basically I’m lazy, I vote by mail. This other person informed me that they hadn’t voted in the last two elections and they were sure glad they didn’t because look at the mess the country was in. Okay, so I didn’t get to say what I really thought about this person not voting because I was on the clock and political conversations (not to mention name calling) are not encouraged. So, to get it off my chest, so I can move on to other things, here are my thoughts about voting and not voting…

Voting is a privilege. Not a lot of countries allow their citizens the right to vote, and some of them, even though they allow voting, don’t always abide by the results. Example: Egypt. By voting, you are taking an active role in the running of this country. Not voting just says you don’t care and if you don’t care, in my humble opinion, you don’t get to whine or complain, at least not to me. If you didn’t vote, I don’t want to hear what you think about the way this country is going. You didn’t care enough to make any sort of statement one way or the other by voting.

This last Primary election, I heard a lot of people talking about voting for “the Devil you know or the Devil you don’t”. That’s true, but there were other options, there was The Tea Party’s candidate, the Libertarian’s candidate, The Green Party’s Candidate, and so on. Shoot, you could even have written someone else in if you didn’t like who was running.

Not voting is such a cop out, pardon my 60s/70s vernacular. And if you didn’t vote because you didn’t think it mattered, don’t come whining to me about the shape of the country cause it’s obvious to me that you just don’t really care.

Stepping off my soap box now…


Hi ho Silver… Oh, you know the rest…

Lone Ranger 2

This is a definite Rave tonight. Just got home from watching, finally, The Lone Ranger. I know I don’t have very many who follow my blog, but if you are still wondering – go see the movie. I loved it. Ignore the critics, they’re sticks in the mud. Yes, they are right, it’s not The Lone Ranger that some of us grew up with. And it is a pretty predictable plot, too. But Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp make a good team. Armie is a perfect straight man for Johnny’s somewhat deranged (it gets explained in the movie) Tonto. And I loved Silver (all 6 of him). And yes, they even have The William Tell Overture in the movie several times. They even have the Hi-ho Silver bit, you just have to wait for it.

As for having a favorite part, I’ll have to get back with you on that, there are so many. I do like the conversation between Tonto and Spirit Horse (Silver). Tonto hanging on under a train is a lot of fun, as is Tonto as a Chinaman… And hearing an old Comanche Chief say “Not so much.” was so funny. And some of the stunts are amazing.

If there is one flaw, some of the CGI is a bit obvious, but I could deal with that. I was having such a good time.

I hope more people in Europe ignore the critics and go see the movie. Its too bad so many people here have stayed away from a really fun movie. I had a great time and will try to go see it one more time.

Things I’ve been thinking about


I’ve been sitting on my front porch watching and waiting, but not holding my breath, for an alleged thunderstorm to arrive and got to thinking. I do that a lot, sitting on my porch. Anyway, I got to thinking about how the future isn’t exactly like the future I imagined 25+ years ago.

Not that I really expected flying cars, but I was kind of hoping for the Rosie the Robot maid/cook/housekeeper. I always expected the future to be … better. Don’t get me wrong, lots of things are better, much better, but there are some things that aren’t, or are worse.

Like food. Not that I want the full meal in a pill deal, but I figure we’d all be eating healthier and better. And there are still people eating dog or cat food cause they can’t afford anything else. I always though health care would be better and more affordable. It’s miles better, but it’s also so expensive that a lot of people, me included, have to chose between food and bills or medications. That’s so sad.

And work, I always saw myself as a novelist or a ceramicist. Nothing really earth shattering, but doing well enough to live comfortably. I’m working at a Senior Center part time and barely making my rent and bills.

Instead of living in Denver, I live in Lamar. Instead of going to movies as soon as they hit the theaters, I have to wait, sometimes a month or more for a movie to get here and then, hope I have enough money to go. (And the movies are relatively cheap here. Cost is $6.50 to get in and popcorn and a coke is another $6 or $7, so for 2 people, My sister and I, it costs $26 or $28.) I also miss my friends in Denver. I have friends here, but the ones in Denver have always been special to me and I love them all dearly. So I miss them.

Anyway, the wind has come up and shifted directions – it’s coming from the north and blowing really hard, so I’m going to call it good and hope it rains…