Things I’ve been thinking about


I’ve been sitting on my front porch watching and waiting, but not holding my breath, for an alleged thunderstorm to arrive and got to thinking. I do that a lot, sitting on my porch. Anyway, I got to thinking about how the future isn’t exactly like the future I imagined 25+ years ago.

Not that I really expected flying cars, but I was kind of hoping for the Rosie the Robot maid/cook/housekeeper. I always expected the future to be … better. Don’t get me wrong, lots of things are better, much better, but there are some things that aren’t, or are worse.

Like food. Not that I want the full meal in a pill deal, but I figure we’d all be eating healthier and better. And there are still people eating dog or cat food cause they can’t afford anything else. I always though health care would be better and more affordable. It’s miles better, but it’s also so expensive that a lot of people, me included, have to chose between food and bills or medications. That’s so sad.

And work, I always saw myself as a novelist or a ceramicist. Nothing really earth shattering, but doing well enough to live comfortably. I’m working at a Senior Center part time and barely making my rent and bills.

Instead of living in Denver, I live in Lamar. Instead of going to movies as soon as they hit the theaters, I have to wait, sometimes a month or more for a movie to get here and then, hope I have enough money to go. (And the movies are relatively cheap here. Cost is $6.50 to get in and popcorn and a coke is another $6 or $7, so for 2 people, My sister and I, it costs $26 or $28.) I also miss my friends in Denver. I have friends here, but the ones in Denver have always been special to me and I love them all dearly. So I miss them.

Anyway, the wind has come up and shifted directions – it’s coming from the north and blowing really hard, so I’m going to call it good and hope it rains…


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