Get the names right, people!


Okay, I realize that “out-of-towners” aren’t going to get a lot of Colorado’s town’s names right, but if you’re going to be working here for an extended period of time, could you please try to get the names right? For example – Estes Park. I have lost track of how many times I’ve heard it called Estees Park. It’s Estes Park. It’s a Spanish word. (I apologize, but my Spanish is from High School and I can’t remember if it means This Park or The Park. And it’s Arvada. Pronounced ahr-vad-uh, not ahr-vad-a. And it spelled Lyons, but it’s pronounced Lions, not Lie-ons. And Lamar is Lamar, not La Mar, or Lemar or  Lamer (only natives get to use that particular pronunciation.) La Junta is pronounced La Hunta, not La Junta. Again, it’s a Spanish word.

Oh, and Niwot is pronounced Ni-wat, not Ni-wit. I’d love to see how they pronounce Neenosha, Neegrande, Neesopah, or Neeskah. (These are Irrigation holding lakes and they all have Indian names.)


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