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Silver Linings – well maybe champagne colored

I’ve had such a not good week. A week ago last Friday, was when it all started. Went to work, as usual, and at our lunch break, I saw my boss walking over. And he wasn’t smiling. Seems his boss, the State of Colorado has reduced our hours. I lose 5 hours a week. I’m barely making it as it is… Not a good ending to my work week.

Then I got home. I open the door and thought ‘What is that smell?’ So I went searching. This is what I found…DSCN2952

When I went out into the room where the ceiling fell, I very quickly realized that the sheet rock that was still up, and the stuff on the floor was covered with mold. Oh yea. So I called my land lady to let her know. In the meantime, because I have asthma and don’t need to breathe anything ugly, I closed and sealed up the room. Duct tape and garbage bags do a pretty good job.

Then Saturday, I got a letter from Social Security Disability saying I had to go to Pueblo (a 2 hour 15 minute drive) for a Doctor’s appointment. Oh, and if you can’t make it, you will be denied Disability. Oh yea, again. But, Mom and Cindy were looking for a good reason to go to Pueblo, so, it was okay.

On Sunday, some roofers showed up and put a big temporary patch on my roof. They will be back to replace the house roof, at least. Okay, yea. They still have to figure out how to do mold abatement, though…

Went to work on Monday and found that they thought I was cutting my hours early and not coming in, so they used one of the Community Service people do my job. So, for 3 hours, I just sat and watched TV. I don’t mind watching TV, but not really at work. *sigh*

When I got home from work on Wednesday, there was a message from my mother. Seems she had been trying to get a hold of me all day. (On Wed. and Fridays I don’t carry my phone with me because the lady I work with on those days thinks cell phones are rude and unnecessary, and as she has the beginnings of dementia, I just don’t carry my phone. It’s easier.) Seems my brother had called Tuesday evening and wanted to meet for lunch in Limon on Friday. Mom told him no, to meet us in Pueblo at the The Black-Eyed Pea for lunch. I said that was great, but what was all the urgency for? Seems he had Mom’s (Cindy’s) new car ready and that meant I got Mom’s old car. Which means I get to park my truck, until I can decide what to do with her.

Saturday was a very long day, but I made it through the physical exam and the X-Rays. We were only a few minutes late for lunch, and I now have a newer car.

New car

So, all in all, things ended pretty well. I also got my ballot in the mail on Saturday – Yea! – and it’s ready to be mailed back. Oh, and I found out that, even though I’ve lost hours, I will continue to be employed. I gather there are some who won’t.

So, here’s hoping for a better week. Oh, and Happy Halloween to all!


Have I told you how much I hate wind…


This is my roof two days ago. There is a bit of damage, from high winds and rain. But not too bad. And yes, I do have a small leak in the utility room directly under this part of the roof. We, my land lady and I, had an Insurance Adjuster come out and look it over. He decided I needed both the roof on my house and the roof on my garage to be replaced.


Last night, we had wind. Lots of wind, high velocity winds. Blowing at 35 mph and gusting to 60 to 70 mph winds. I watched as a very large piece of shingle and tar paper try to wrap itself around my mail box. When I got home from work, this is what I found…


And that dark-ish line that runs across the roof, is a curling of the shingles in that area.

Have I said how much I hate the wind lately. It may be 10 more days before we can get a contractor out to look at the roof for an estimate. And probably another week or two before the replacement will begin. SO not happy. Unfortunately, that’s the way things go in small rural towns that are hours away from the bigger cities. Here’s hoping there’s no more precipitation for at least a month…


In a Perfect World…


Today I feel like I owe an apology to the rest of the world for our political idiots…uh, leaders. Those spoiled rotten 5 year old brats who took their marbles and went home, leaving everybody else just standing there.

Normally, I’m as proud to be an American as anybody else, and I still am, but unfortunately, today, its a bit embarrassing…

No wait, I AM proud to be an American. It is still a great country to live in, the people who, for the most part, live here at wonderful people. Unfortunately, the phrase “power corrupts” has been lost in the shuffle over time and now we are living with the result. A government shut down that would make our illustrious Founders shake their heads and rethink creating a whole new country. I’m not really sure who said it, but one of my favorite quotes is this, “Professional politicians will ruin this country.” And there is very little I can add to that.

The only thing that “We the People” can do is vote the spoiled rotten little brats out of office come election time. Barring that, recalls seem to work, on a limited basis. Maybe a couple of recalls might loosen a things up a bit…

All I can say is that I know who I’m NOT voting for come next November elections…

I’m so bored…


Well, that’s not exactly right. But I can’t really figure out exactly what I am right now. Its not like I don’t have anything to do – I have a sink full of dishes, a bedroom I need to straighten, several floors to sweep, boxes to move and/or empty, windows to measure for weatherproofing and Halloween to get out. So why am I so – blah?

I think its the new drugs I’m on for the fluid build up on my lungs, Edema is what the Doctor calls it. Annoying is what I call it. It isn’t related to hypertension cause my blood pressure is pretty close to normal. It goes up when fluid starts to build up. My heart is doing just fine. My lungs are just screwed up.

(Insert a deep, frustrated sigh here)

I’m not sleeping well, mostly because I get up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. That’s so much fun. When the fluid starts building, my breathing goes down, which also makes me tired. Plus, I really do a lot of work in a small amount of time, so I’m tired and hungry when I get home from work, too.

Plus I have quite a bit of stress going on right now. Worry about my finances, worry about my health, until yesterday, worry about my job and my food stamps, worry about my Mom and my Sister… Can you tell, I’m a worrier. I worry about my truck (it’s an old, tired truck.), and winter’s coming, and the sun’s leaving…

I need a vacation…1016775_654074694622658_106417988_n