In a Perfect World…


Today I feel like I owe an apology to the rest of the world for our political idiots…uh, leaders. Those spoiled rotten 5 year old brats who took their marbles and went home, leaving everybody else just standing there.

Normally, I’m as proud to be an American as anybody else, and I still am, but unfortunately, today, its a bit embarrassing…

No wait, I AM proud to be an American. It is still a great country to live in, the people who, for the most part, live here at wonderful people. Unfortunately, the phrase “power corrupts” has been lost in the shuffle over time and now we are living with the result. A government shut down that would make our illustrious Founders shake their heads and rethink creating a whole new country. I’m not really sure who said it, but one of my favorite quotes is this, “Professional politicians will ruin this country.” And there is very little I can add to that.

The only thing that “We the People” can do is vote the spoiled rotten little brats out of office come election time. Barring that, recalls seem to work, on a limited basis. Maybe a couple of recalls might loosen a things up a bit…

All I can say is that I know who I’m NOT voting for come next November elections…


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