Have I told you how much I hate wind…


This is my roof two days ago. There is a bit of damage, from high winds and rain. But not too bad. And yes, I do have a small leak in the utility room directly under this part of the roof. We, my land lady and I, had an Insurance Adjuster come out and look it over. He decided I needed both the roof on my house and the roof on my garage to be replaced.


Last night, we had wind. Lots of wind, high velocity winds. Blowing at 35 mph and gusting to 60 to 70 mph winds. I watched as a very large piece of shingle and tar paper try to wrap itself around my mail box. When I got home from work, this is what I found…


And that dark-ish line that runs across the roof, is a curling of the shingles in that area.

Have I said how much I hate the wind lately. It may be 10 more days before we can get a contractor out to look at the roof for an estimate. And probably another week or two before the replacement will begin. SO not happy. Unfortunately, that’s the way things go in small rural towns that are hours away from the bigger cities. Here’s hoping there’s no more precipitation for at least a month…



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