Well, crap…

Ever have one of those days? How about one of those weeks? Month? How about year?

Lately it seems as though things are just going wrong, or weird, to spite me. I’m beginning to think that “Murphy” is hiding in my house/life.

Everybody knows about the leaking roof, that has, to date, been patched but not fixed. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of the guys since then. My land lady is checking to see what’s up, but personally, I think it’s getting a little late in the season to do any roofing. I still can’t go into my utility room. And now everybody is using the “c” word – condemned – for my house. I am so not leaving this house voluntarily, or even peacefully. I’m tired of hearing about it.

Then I made a trip to Pueblo (252 miles round trip) for a Social Security Disability medical exam. Still haven’t heard anything on that. Although a good friend of mine finally got her Disability. I’m so glad. I can stop worrying about her now. Which is funny cause she’s been worrying about me. Awww.

Then we got our hours cut at work. Started this week. I can only work 4 days a week. I’m still very annoyed about this. It’s going to make paying my rent and bills all that much harder, even if, as the rumor mill at work says, its temporary, it still doesn’t make the mean time easier to get through.

And now for today. Had a Dr.’s appointment today. Not a good appointment. Seems I am officially diabetic. My blood sugar was 265. I so know that’s bad. So now, I have to completely change my diet. And I just bought groceries. And most of the stuff I bought I can’t/aren’t suppose to eat anymore. Oh yea. I’m now on the No White Diet. No salt, no sugar, no milk, no bread, no rice, no pasta, no potatoes, no soda pop, etc. Well, crap.

I know there are good things in my life, for which I am always and endlessly grateful, it just seems that, right now, the things that happening are not very fun things. It’s a good thing I’m finding things every day to be thankful for…

Oh well, sorry this is a little down. I’m just a little down right now…


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