This is the week that was…


Actually, this has been two weeks that was, er, um, were,… Oh well, you know.

Went to my Doctor two weeks ago and had some blood work done. My A1c was 9.4. Wow. It’s been 4 or 5 for years. Then I thought that maybe because October was such a stressful month, and I do tend to emotionally eat, maybe that was the problem. When they did a blood sugar test in the office, my blood sugar was 277. I was very surprised and a little worried so when the Doctor gave me a prescription for a very high dosage of Metforman, I was sure that would solve the problem, even though I was a little unsure of the high amount. After a week of absolutely no drop in blood sugar, I started wondering. Maybe there was something else that was causing the rise in my blood sugar. (And yes, I did all the things one is suppose to do – no white foods; no bread, no milk, no salt, no sugar, no pasta, etc.) I even tried to reduce my stress level. (Not so successful there, still have stressful issues in my life that I’m trying to deal with.) I started doing the research I should have done in the beginning. After searching through several websites and reading several articles (didn’t know there was so much out there regarding blood sugar increases), I found several studies that have shown that there are several things, other than “sugar” that raise the blood sugar levels. Diuretics can raise blood sugar (I’m on diuretics), Asthma inhalants can raise blood sugars (I’m on corticore steroids), some decongestants and antihistamines can raise blood sugar levels (I take antihistamines for seasonal allergies), Glucosamine will raise blood sugar levels (I take Osteo Bi-Flex for my Osteo Arthritis). Stress can also raise blood sugar levels. There were at least 10 other items that raise blood sugar levels. Hum.

So that brings on other questions. How do I lower my blood sugar? Do I stop taking most of the meds I’ve been prescribed by my Doctor, or do I go to a high level of Metformin to lower my blood sugar? So many questions for my Doctor on Monday.

Next, I’m getting a lot of pressure from several different people about getting some sort of health insurance. Really? Have you met my budget? There is less than no room to budge in my budget. With my hours being cut for the rest of the year, at the very least, I can’t afford insurance. So finally someone hit on Medicaid. Seems I might qualify for that. So I need to see about that on Monday. I also have to see about withdrawing some money from my IRA to cover my rent for December… *sigh*

And I thought October was difficult…


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