Bananas are good.


According to my Doctor, my heart problem is two fold.  Mostly, I have a potassium deficiency.  Easily fixed by eating more foods with potassium in them,  Bananas come to mind first, then peanut butter then mushrooms, I have a list.  The other problem is not so easily fixed and brings up possible actions that go against the way I handle certain things.  The cardiologist made a passing remark about stress.  That this time of year can bring lots of stress into a person’s life.  My life brings a lot of stress into my life.  Since coming home, I’ve had two “episodes” and after examining them, I have come to the conclusion that they involve one person.  Here’s the problem, she can’t help herself.  She has, at the very least, Senile Dementia and that makes her difficult to deal with.  And as I have been asked to keep an eye on her, as part of my job, I have to deal with her – a lot.  I realize the dementia is not her fault and she can’t really control her situation, but when she has bad days, which are becoming more frequent, everyone suffers.  She volunteers at the Senior Center as the “money taker” for the lunch meal.  Except it takes her 5 to 10 minutes to make $2 change out of a $5 bill.  Half the time she can’t remember who has signed in and who hasn’t, and she has started mistaking women for men.  And when she has a bad day, she gets loud, and hateful.  The various people in charge of the lunch room and the lunch preparation have talked to her family, but they keep saying she has to keep her job.  The nasty part of me, especially after dealing with her after a bad day and having heart issues, the catty part of me, thinks its because they don’t want to deal with her for those two hours twice a week.  That’s so very unworthy of me, cause I know she has no control and may have an idea that something is wrong.

So, how do I tell her she needs to retire, or calm down or shut up cause she’s giving me heart flutters because I’m stressing because of her?  In truth, I can’t.  It appears no one can tell her.  So, how do I deal with her?  I can’t walk away cause she can’t really be trusted, which is so sad because, evidently, she used to be great at her job.  She’s been doing it for 15 years or so.  I can’t be rude to her.  So what do I do?  I guess there’s nothing I can do.  Here’s hoping I can figure a way to cope with her before I end up in the hospital again.  Oh dear.

On the whole, though, I am feeling so much better.  I am on a heart blocker, for the time being, and potassium supplements.  I’m going grocery shopping today to buy bananas and avocados and more peanut butter and spinach and mushrooms and tomatoes….


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