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I am content


I moved into my little house a year ago.  A lot has happened and a lot has changed.  I don’t think there’s much that is the same as it was a year ago.   I find myself more and more comfortable in this small rural town.  Yes, there are still lots of things I miss, but mostly, surprisingly to me, I am content.

I have another vehicle.  Used, but in good shape.  I still have the monster truck, she’s sitting in the garage, mainly because I really don’t want to sell her to anybody here in town.  Silly?  Yes it is.  All the same, I’m thinking of donating her to PBS or other charity group.  She’s in good shape for how old she is.  Somebody out there, not here, could still get a lot of use out of her.

Snug in her new home

Meow-Yen is finally herself again.  I’ve worried so about her.  It was a lot of trauma for her.  Everything that goes with moving, twice in 2 months, then getting fixed.  Then me, going off to work four, or five days sometimes, a week, after not going anywhere for longer than a couple of hours for almost a year and a half.  But now she’s snuggling again, and sleeping on the bed with me and just being the Velcro kitty I had before.  (She’s curled up on the floor on top of my feet right now.  Again, I’m happy.)

My health was for crap when I moved down here.  Bronchial pneumonia, asthma out of control, exhausted.  Now, while, my asthma is still not as controlled as I would like, it’s so much better.  The down side is that my osteoarthritis has gotten worse and I am beginning to have back problems and I have atrial flutter and I finally slipped over in to the diabetes zone.  Still, I actually qualified for Medicaid and can now afford the medications I need to take to keep me healthy.  I have even, finally, started to lose weight.  Not a lot and not quickly, but I’ll take loss to gain any day.

My mood is finally, slowly starting to improve.  That is because the sun and Spring are coming back.  But, I made it through one of the colder, darker, snowier winters I’ve had to deal with in a long time.  And I’m proud of that.  It wasn’t easy and I’m grateful I have tolerant and understanding friends and family cause they all understood and helped as much as possible to keep me from becoming a hermit and never going out at all.


My roof, however, is still not fixed.  The guys came in one week, when it was nice, and put a drywall patch on my ceiling and cleaned things up a bit.  Then said they’d be back the next Monday to paint.  That was over a month ago…  And I still have just the patch on the roof.  And the City sent them a Cease and Desist Order because:   1 – no building permit.  2 – they are not licensed, bonded or insured. and 3 – the foreman didn’t return any of the calls the City made to him regarding all of the above.  I so wish this was my house.  I have all the information for another roofer – licensed, bonded and insured, with references, that I would call in a heart beat.  But, and this is the ridiculous/stupid/complicated part – the foreman is my land lady’s friend.  Been friends for 30 years.  And yet she didn’t know he wasn’t  legit.  She also paid him all the money first.  And now, he’s in Mexico.  He promised her he would get right on my roof and ceiling and finish them up as soon as he gets back.  Whenever that is…  I’m definitely learning patience…


I’ve even got involved in giving back to the City.  I am officially on one of the City’s many boards.  I’m on the Lower Arkansas Valley Area Agency on Aging.  Ain’t that a mouthful.  I’m so excited.  My first meeting is March 18th.  I’m only a lowly Alternate, but it’s a beginning.

So, all in all, I think moving back here was a good thing, even if I miss my friends in Denver and some of the things I used to do.  I have new friends and a boy friend, of sorts, so, I am content.


I have to think about it…


Well, it’s been a strange and interesting day today.  And I still don’t know how I feel about everything.  My Mom called me this morning.  Seems she had talked to one of my Uncles last night and neither one of them had heard anything from another Uncle, who lived in Louisiana, for several months.  Mom wanted me to find out if he was still alive.  Took me all of 5 minutes to find his death notice from Social Security.   And what was even sadder was that he had died over 2 months ago, and nobody knew.   There was no obituary or notice in the papers or anything.  Just a Social Security Death Notice.

That’s not to say he died alone, though.  He didn’t.  His son and daughter-in-law were living with him, we think.  See, here’s the deal…

When Uncle Gene got married, the lady he married, Margrette, didn’t want to have anything to do with her family and over the course of several years, convinced him not to have anything to do with his.  In fact, she took it to such an extreme that they even moved to Venezuela for several years, in order to more thoroughly “cut the cord”.  My cousin was born there.  She under estimated the family.  Not that we would deliberately invade their private space, but my Dad, Uncle Gene’s brother sent him Birthday and Christmas cards every year, and so did the other members of the family.  Occasionally, we’d get an answer of some sort or another, and then the information would get shared with everybody else in the family.

When Margrette died, in 1995, We managed to coax Gene back into the family.  He still didn’t come to Reunions or get togethers or anything, but he would send cards and call Mom and Dad or Uncle Wally or Aunt Laura from time to time.  but he still was afraid we would be annoyed with him.  Heck I only met him once, many, many , many years ago at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

So, now he’s gone.  So is Aunt Laura, Aunt Georgie and my Dad.  I cried when they died.  But, I don’t feel anything one way or the other about Uncle Gene’s passing.  And that bothers me a little.  Okay, so maybe it’s bothering me a lot.  He was family, after all…

I don’t even know if he was a Christian.  I’m really going to have to think about this…

Oh for the joy that is sleep

stretched out nap

A couple of weeks or so ago, I slipped on an icy patch while dragging my trash can to the curb for pick up.  I didn’t fall, I caught myself.  Unfortunately, my body went one direction and my left knee went the opposite direction.  Yes. it hurt, but as the day wore on, it didn’t seem so bad.  Of course, I was also a bit distracted.  This was the day The Big Snow started.  And, as I have stated many times, to anybody who will listen, I don’t like winter.  Or in this particular case, snow.  When all was said and done, it was 6 to 8 inches of snow that fell over night and through out the following day.  They closed the city.  The snow stopped the evening of the second day and the city plows got to work.  Now, I must explain here that where  my driveway is, three streets come together.   Most of the time this makes it easy for me to pull into or out of my driveway.  Not at the moment.  Our wonderful city plow and snow removal people deposited all the snow they scraped off of three streets  at the opening/ending of my driveway.  And so my car has been struck there for, 6 or 7 days.  fortunately, we have a “bus” that goes to where I work, so I rode the bus.  And this brings me back to the gist of my story…

On the third day after I slipped, I was waiting for the bus to arrive.  It was the bigger bus and I had a few steps to climb to get in.  I could hardly get in.  My knee screamed at me every time I tried to use it.  Same thing happened when I got off the bus.  Not good, I thought to myself as I limped slowly into work.  This is not going to be a fun day.  4 hours later, I knew that getting through the rest of the week was going to be a bear.  By Friday, every time I tried to use the knee, it felt like some one had shoved a knife in the knee and was twisting it.  On Monday, I had an appointment with my Doctor.  On the good side, nothing was broken.  The X-Ray tech said she could see a lot of arthritis in my knee (yea, I knew that.  Duh.) but it looked like it was just a pretty good sprain.  Okay, I don’t know about you, but to me, a sprain is never good.  So I got a knee brace and was told to ice the knee twice a day, take some anti-inflammatories, and stay off it as much as possible.  As if I had never thought of that.  I told him I’d been putting heat on it and he told me that in this case, the heat was just making it worse.  Good for me.

So, I got aspirin and a prescription for anti-inflammatories and an ice bag.  Went home and iced the knee, after freezing the ice bag and taking a couple of pills.   The next morning, I got dressed, very slowly and painfully, put on the brace, took a couple more pills and rode the bus to work.  I couldn’t wait to get home, get the brace off and ice the knee.  I knew the next day was going to be just the same.  But, surprise!, it wasn’t.  Oh, the knee still hurt, and walking was both a challenge and a joke, but I made it through most of the day before it really started to bother me.  And so it went.

This morning, when I tried to put on the brace, I noticed it didn’t fit quite right.  The swelling had gone down enough that the brace didn’t fit anymore, no matter how tight I made it.  Now that made me very happy.  So tomorrow, no more brace.  The knee still hurts, but the little guy in there with a knife has vacated the premises and I can walk almost normally (for me) again.  And the sun finally came out today and it got up to 55 degrees and the city snow plows were “cleaning” up the streets.  Did they remove the big pile of snow in front of my driveway?  Nope.  Not even a little.  But I’ve decided that it’s okay.  It’s melting and in a day or two, no one but me will ever remember there was a big pile of snow blocking my driveway.  And even that’s okay.

And now for the reason this is called “Oh for the joy that is sleep”?  It’s almost midnight and I haven’t slept properly in 3 days.  Here’s hoping I will get some sleep tonight…

I’m having a day


I am not a winter person.  There, I’ve said it.  Probably for the 1400th time, too.  It’s snowing here.  Again.  Just got cleaned up from the last storm.  And yes, I know “We need the moisture.”  I get it, I do.  But does it have to come in the form of snow and sub freezing weather?  My whole entire body hurts when the weather does this.  I’m not happy.  And I’m bored.

Which is sad because I have so much I need to do, but I’m kind of blocked.  The guys who will, eventually, be replacing my roofs, came in yesterday to repair the ceiling.  When they left last night, the foreman said they’d be back this morning to finish taping, mudding and painting.  It’s after 3 pm and they haven’t shown up.  Hello, it’s only snowing outside, not inside.  I was sort of planning on moving a lot of stuff from my living room and bedroom into the utility room today/tonight and tomorrow.  So now I have to wait some more.  Ugh.

On the plus side, they have done a fabulous job of cleaning back there.  But, until that ceiling is sealed and their big bag of trash is gone, I’m not going in the room.  Better to be patient (SIGH) then take a chance of breathing in mold and dust and crap and stuff.  I did lose a few things, which I suspected would happen, but I’d rather lose some items and be able to breathe and be in the room instead of not.  I maybe able to make a new gargoyle and I can certainly make a new fountain and I can buy all the seed starter stuff, too, so, in the long run, it will be okay.

So, every time I look up from my computer and look out the window, I get all frustrated and annoyed and I’m back to my first remark.  I am not a winter person.  #1401.