I am content


I moved into my little house a year ago.  A lot has happened and a lot has changed.  I don’t think there’s much that is the same as it was a year ago.   I find myself more and more comfortable in this small rural town.  Yes, there are still lots of things I miss, but mostly, surprisingly to me, I am content.

I have another vehicle.  Used, but in good shape.  I still have the monster truck, she’s sitting in the garage, mainly because I really don’t want to sell her to anybody here in town.  Silly?  Yes it is.  All the same, I’m thinking of donating her to PBS or other charity group.  She’s in good shape for how old she is.  Somebody out there, not here, could still get a lot of use out of her.

Snug in her new home

Meow-Yen is finally herself again.  I’ve worried so about her.  It was a lot of trauma for her.  Everything that goes with moving, twice in 2 months, then getting fixed.  Then me, going off to work four, or five days sometimes, a week, after not going anywhere for longer than a couple of hours for almost a year and a half.  But now she’s snuggling again, and sleeping on the bed with me and just being the Velcro kitty I had before.  (She’s curled up on the floor on top of my feet right now.  Again, I’m happy.)

My health was for crap when I moved down here.  Bronchial pneumonia, asthma out of control, exhausted.  Now, while, my asthma is still not as controlled as I would like, it’s so much better.  The down side is that my osteoarthritis has gotten worse and I am beginning to have back problems and I have atrial flutter and I finally slipped over in to the diabetes zone.  Still, I actually qualified for Medicaid and can now afford the medications I need to take to keep me healthy.  I have even, finally, started to lose weight.  Not a lot and not quickly, but I’ll take loss to gain any day.

My mood is finally, slowly starting to improve.  That is because the sun and Spring are coming back.  But, I made it through one of the colder, darker, snowier winters I’ve had to deal with in a long time.  And I’m proud of that.  It wasn’t easy and I’m grateful I have tolerant and understanding friends and family cause they all understood and helped as much as possible to keep me from becoming a hermit and never going out at all.


My roof, however, is still not fixed.  The guys came in one week, when it was nice, and put a drywall patch on my ceiling and cleaned things up a bit.  Then said they’d be back the next Monday to paint.  That was over a month ago…  And I still have just the patch on the roof.  And the City sent them a Cease and Desist Order because:   1 – no building permit.  2 – they are not licensed, bonded or insured. and 3 – the foreman didn’t return any of the calls the City made to him regarding all of the above.  I so wish this was my house.  I have all the information for another roofer – licensed, bonded and insured, with references, that I would call in a heart beat.  But, and this is the ridiculous/stupid/complicated part – the foreman is my land lady’s friend.  Been friends for 30 years.  And yet she didn’t know he wasn’t  legit.  She also paid him all the money first.  And now, he’s in Mexico.  He promised her he would get right on my roof and ceiling and finish them up as soon as he gets back.  Whenever that is…  I’m definitely learning patience…


I’ve even got involved in giving back to the City.  I am officially on one of the City’s many boards.  I’m on the Lower Arkansas Valley Area Agency on Aging.  Ain’t that a mouthful.  I’m so excited.  My first meeting is March 18th.  I’m only a lowly Alternate, but it’s a beginning.

So, all in all, I think moving back here was a good thing, even if I miss my friends in Denver and some of the things I used to do.  I have new friends and a boy friend, of sorts, so, I am content.


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