Paying it forward


Been trying to sleep and it’s not been working – again.  The inadvertent nap I took this afternoon could be the problem.  Or the 3 trains going through town one right after the other, might be part of the cause.  (I live 4 blocks from the train tracks.  Lately it seems there have been quite a few and they seem to be louder than usual…)  Either way, it’s given me a little time to think.  and for a change, it’s thinking about good things.

A few weeks or so back, I became a member of the Lower Arkansas Valley Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council.  That’s going to be very interesting and I think I’m going to learn a lot.  I know I’m going to have to learn a lot.  Then last night, I became a member of the Prowers County Genealogy Society.  This one will be fun and I will learn a lot and I can also teach a few things.  Most everybody in this group, and it’s a very small group, are learning as they go, too.  They found a bunch of reference and source books, some going back to 1909, that have to be cataloged and filed and stored properly, etc.  When I have a free Monday, I may have to go help out.  No, I will go help out.  This stuff is so interesting and fun for me.  Then today, I found out that, if I can find a replacement, I can move into the Genealogy position at the Resource Center next month.  That one makes me very happy as it’s getting physically harder and harder to “perform the tasks expected of me in my current position”.  Which is fancy talk for its getting harder and harder for me to set tables, carry trays of food for 45 minutes, clear tables and vacuum 4 days a week.  Which not only annoys me, but it’s making me physically sick having to go into work every day.

So, I am now, or soon will be, in a position to help out my community.  Senior Citizens, of which I am rapidly heading toward myself and any one interested in learning their family histories, or just the town’s histories.  I am really looking forward to it.


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