Spring is getting closer…

Persian Lilac

My Persian Lilacs are starting to bloom!  I’m so excited!  And, no, the attached picture is not of my lilacs.  That will come in a day or two when more have opened.  The point is, though, I made it through another winter.


As I may have mentioned before, winter and I are not friends.  I suffer from S.A.D. aka Seasonal Affective Disorder.  (Short hand version is that when the sun goes away, I get depressed.)  I also had several issues to deal with over this winter that were difficult and worrisome.  My health, my sister’s health, my Mom’s health, my brother employment situation and my employment situation.  And, yes, I am a worrier by nature, thank you for asking.  (And yes, I know that the Bible says not to worry, give it all to God, but I really have a hard time doing that sometimes.  I’m still dealing with God’s time frame not being our/my time frame.  It’s a constant battle.)

But, Spring is almost here.  (In Colorado, it’s never safe to say Spring is here until after Mother’s Day.  Usually.)  I have grass and stuff growing in my yard, there are leaves on the trees and I can leave one of the living room windows open most of the time, much to Meow-Yen’s utter delight.  The itch to plant is almost unbearable, but it’s only a little while longer and I can start digging in the dirt and try my hand at growing things once more.  This year I’m going to try corn and okra and sunflowers and cucumbers and poppies and passion flowers and creeping thyme…  I need to stop cause I really want to get out there and start planting.

The other good thing is that I can start sitting on my front porch again.  I love doing that at the end of the day.  Listening to the birds and the wind in the trees.  Even the occasional train doesn’t really bother me.  It just adds another layer to the whole evening.  (There really isn’t much traffic, so it’s very quiet and relaxing.)  And with the sun going down later and later, I can sit outside longer and longer…

Well, that’s about all for now.  It’s getting latish and I really do need to get a good night’s sleep.  But, to reiterate – Spring is almost here!

Woo Hoo!


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