So it Begins!


It’s been a very strange and a strangely busy early Spring.  But finally, yesterday, I got to start my planting.  YEA!!!  I got about half of my plants “in the ground”.  Two tomato plants, one a Sweet 100 Cherry tomato plant and the other a Lemon Boy tomato.  I got a White Sage bush planted and my second Columbine planted.


In this pot are my patio corn plants.  Need to get one more fairly large planter and a lot more potting soil.  I have my Sunflowers and Cucumbers and Poppies and Catnip and a Passion Flower to plant.  Then I have to re-hang the lattice, as it wasn’t really hung properly last year and the winds we’ve had so far have all but knocked it loose.  It’s held up by one piece of twine at the top and the twine wrapped around the porch support.  From my plants last year, I have 1 Rose that survived and 1 Mint plant.  I think it is the chocolate mint.  My Trumpet Vine survived, much to my delight, and my Wild Grape Vine will soon be growing up the side of the house.  I would like to find some Wildflowers to just sort of throw around the front yard, but I’ve got to kill all the weeds first.  Maybe that can be my next project…

It was so nice to get outside yesterday to start planting.  Don’t know why taking that first “step” outside is so hard, but the day was perfect, partly cloudy and cool-ish.  We were suppose to get rain, but I’ve lived in this part of the country long enough to know that even a 60% chance of rain can mean absolutely nothing.  It was nice sitting out on my porch listening to the birds and playing in the dirt and  wondering if my tomato plants will do well this year and if the corn will grow, at least enough to allow me some fresh, home grown corn to eat.  And will this experiment with sunflowers and cucumber work…  Oh yes, there will be pictures.  Lots of pictures…


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