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There have been a few people that have made some comments that, while I understand that they think they are being constructive and helpful, have become a bit annoying.  So, here’s my answer to those who think they are “helping”.

This is my blog.  I write it mostly for myself.  I’m not looking to sell anything, I’m not interested in increasing my “following” by the hundreds, I’m not interested in improving my writing skills (well, not in the way suggested) and I’m certainly not interested in promoting someone else’s website or blog page.

This is for myself.  And for a few friends who have been kind enough to read it.  It’s my way of keeping anybody who is interested updated on my life.  It’s easier for me to do this then write long, wordy letters, emails or Facebook posts.  I don’t write on a regular basis because things don’t change often in my life.  Mostly.  Those of my friends that read this know how to get in touch with me and while I appreciate the comments, just understand that I reserve the right to completely ignore those that just don’t apply to me or my blog.

As for an email address to contact me, if you become my friend, a real friend, not a web or Facebook friend, I’ll get back with you on that.

To my “real” friends that read my blog, thank you very, very much and I really do appreciate your thoughts and comments.  Keep it up.



Life and Death Intermingled

Well, after weeks of waiting, I finally have 4 corn stalks growing.  I may not have any corn to eat, but I’m happy with the corn stalks.  My tomatoes are growing, slowly.  They are covered with blossoms though, so I’m happy with that.  The heat we had (with massive wind) killed my sage plants and totally destroyed my lattice.  That I’m not happy with.  My avocado is growing well.  It’s almost a foot and a half tall.  Fingers crossed…

My friend who was running for a County Commissioner’s seat lost.  I’m unhappy about that because the guy that won is a jerk.  He will now have control of the County’s money, which is a bad thing cause when he was a city councilman, he voted to spend $20,000 for Christmas Lights for the “main drag” of town.  Problem is, when the lights are on, they look like giant sperm swimming down the street.  He also voted for a coal plant that still (10 years later) does not work and we are still paying for.  Can’t wait to see what he does now.

On the up side, I finally have the shingles for my roof.  Now, how long before the guys get up there and replace the tiles, God only knows.  Really.

Actually, my life in general is going pretty good and I thank God every day for that.  I’m really enjoying my new job in the genealogy lab.  Even the day to day stuff is fun.  I’m having a really good time cataloging all the reference materials we have, gathering up all the death announcements and birth announcements every day, and I have 3 queries that I’m working on.  I’m loving it.

I have a few new health issues, but I also have a Doctor’s appointment to deal with them.  Until I know more about what is going on, I’m not going any farther with that.

Meow-Yen is doing well.  I changed her diet a bit and she’s losing weight and seems much happier.

All in all, at this moment in time, everything is good.



Why does everything have to end?  Okay, so maybe not everything, maybe just a few things.  I’m having one of those days.  Silly old me.  Watched the final episode of “Warehouse 13” finally.  Then I found a picture of me and my Dad, I was about 5, and I started missing him.  (He died in 1999.  15 years ago, and it still hurts sometimes.)  Then my bestest friend ever (okay, so he’s my boyfriend) lost his Mom.  And that makes me cry, and he has to move cause he can’t afford to live in the house he’s been living in…

I do know that things end, that we’re not getting out of this alive, and that’s usually fine.  I have no fear of death, it just means I’m going home, but sometimes when things end, I’m not ready for it.  Summer ends, plants and flowers die, cars stop working, pets die,  people die, jobs end.  I’m just a bundle of joy and happiness aren’t I?

Okay, so there are things that never seem to end – an ex-employee that keeps hanging around, cause they have nothing better to do.  A guy who’s a complete idiot and whose main goal, it seems, in life is to prove that God is an idiot and that Satan will confess his sins and be forgiven just before judgement day, and that because the Bible was written by man, it is inaccurate and not to be believed.  We think he’s a member of the Church of Scientology and refuses to believe anything that counters his beliefs.  Personally, I think he’s been brainwashed.  (And so do several other people that have to deal with him.)  I just wish he’d find somewhere else to spout his nonsense.

Oh well.  Such is life.  Some things end, other things drag on forever.  And it’s always the fun stuff and the good things that end.  And the other stuff, looneys, winter, news programs, conspiracy theories, bad TV shows, all go on forever, or seem to.  But for now, the sky is blue, the trees and grass are green, the wind is only a little more than a breeze and the temp is 100.  I guess I can deal…


Monsoon Season


June is Monsoon Season in Colorado.  Up north and west, it is a bit scary.  Down here, not so much.  I do have to say that we have gotten quite a bit of rain.  And we are gratefully, but its a drop in the bucket compared to how short we are on rain and how dry it will be during July and August and September and, probably, October.  Oh, and here’s another sign of extra moisture in Colorado – there’s still snow in the mountains.

One of the Ski Resorts, A Basin, I think, is planning on staying open until the end of June, maybe even through July 4th.  Doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

Any way, back to the High Plains.  Woke up this morning to a lovely nice rain.  Right now, there’s wind and thunder and lightening and big fat, wet drops of rain.  I was sitting out on my front porch, but finally decided it would be a bit drier and less windy if I was watching from inside.  Don’t know how long it will last, but we’re under a Severe Weather Watch and a Tornado Watch until 8 pm.  Two and a half hours from now.  Just got a good look at the weather map and there is a big yellow and green line of storms heading our way.

Oh, and here’s an interesting thing; just had a big clap of thunder (Meow-Yen is currently in hiding) and the rain started coming down in buckets.  Yea.  At least the wind has lessened…  Maybe.

Well, just lost the satellite signal.  Happens a lot when the weather gets “weird”.  Below is a picture of part of my front yard and the rain.


Have a good evening all…



Well, the lattice is up and has survived its first wind storm.  Yea.  My sunflowers have been planted, along with all the stuff I have already planted.  I was reading the package of seeds for the Passion Flower and learned that it takes up to a year for germination.  Guess I won’t be planting a passion flower this year.  I also learned that in some areas, the passion flower is considered a weed.  Interesting.  My avocado finally stuck a sprout up yesterday, too.  Finally.  (It’s planted in dirt, not water.)


We’ve had quite a few rains lately.  More than we had this time last year.  Yea, last year we had so much rain that we had flooding.  But that was one thunderstorm that dropped 2 or 3 inches in less than 1 to 1 1/2 hours, I think.  The drought is in no way over, but any little rain is greatly appreciated.  Lots of green everywhere.  It is so lovely.  I’m enjoying it now cause July and August are coming.  And the green will be very sparse by then.

My sister and I pulled out my swamp cooler.  It makes me sick.  As in upper respiratory infection sick.  We had been talking about it for a few days.  I had been thinking about how I could get an air conditioner since the weather got warmer.  My Mom and sister had been talking about it, too.  We all finally talked about it together.  I went to my land lady and made a rather tentative suggestion – we pull out the swamp cooler and put in one or two air conditioners and she pays for half of it.  To my surprise, she said okay.  So Cindy, my sister, and I went to Walmart and got a small air conditioner.  Now, you do have to remember, my house is less than 1000 sq. ft.  We put the first one in the back window in the spare room, blowing into my bedroom.  It worked great.  Cooled the back of the house down 10 or 15 degrees.  So within the next couple of days, we pulled the swamp cooler out of the front window, bought another air conditioner, and put it in. ( I say we, but, my sister did most of the work.)  They do such a good job that my house is extremely comfortable.  Not going to be worrying about the 100+ degrees that will soon be here.

I have a new position at work now.  I’m working in the genealogy lab.  And I couldn’t be happier.  (Well, yes, I could, but that’s another story.)  I do miss my friends in the kitchen and some of the people I served, but I’m still in the same building and several of them have found out where I am, so they come by and say hi and we still talk.  The work is not hard, I keep track of all the personal events that happen every day – births, deaths, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc.  Anything of a personal event.  We also keep track of the towns events, but it’s mostly the people’s lives we keep track of.  I find it very interesting.  there are several projects going on, the first one is marking graves at a small, private cemetery in about a week or so.  After that, we will be going to all the area cemeteries to update our files of who is buried where.  We do this about once a year.  It will take 2 or 3 days to do, but I’m really looking forward to it.

So, now you’re updated on everything that’s been going on.  Nothing drastic, just my life in a small town on the high plains of southeastern Colorado.