Why does everything have to end?  Okay, so maybe not everything, maybe just a few things.  I’m having one of those days.  Silly old me.  Watched the final episode of “Warehouse 13” finally.  Then I found a picture of me and my Dad, I was about 5, and I started missing him.  (He died in 1999.  15 years ago, and it still hurts sometimes.)  Then my bestest friend ever (okay, so he’s my boyfriend) lost his Mom.  And that makes me cry, and he has to move cause he can’t afford to live in the house he’s been living in…

I do know that things end, that we’re not getting out of this alive, and that’s usually fine.  I have no fear of death, it just means I’m going home, but sometimes when things end, I’m not ready for it.  Summer ends, plants and flowers die, cars stop working, pets die,  people die, jobs end.  I’m just a bundle of joy and happiness aren’t I?

Okay, so there are things that never seem to end – an ex-employee that keeps hanging around, cause they have nothing better to do.  A guy who’s a complete idiot and whose main goal, it seems, in life is to prove that God is an idiot and that Satan will confess his sins and be forgiven just before judgement day, and that because the Bible was written by man, it is inaccurate and not to be believed.  We think he’s a member of the Church of Scientology and refuses to believe anything that counters his beliefs.  Personally, I think he’s been brainwashed.  (And so do several other people that have to deal with him.)  I just wish he’d find somewhere else to spout his nonsense.

Oh well.  Such is life.  Some things end, other things drag on forever.  And it’s always the fun stuff and the good things that end.  And the other stuff, looneys, winter, news programs, conspiracy theories, bad TV shows, all go on forever, or seem to.  But for now, the sky is blue, the trees and grass are green, the wind is only a little more than a breeze and the temp is 100.  I guess I can deal…



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