Life and Death Intermingled

Well, after weeks of waiting, I finally have 4 corn stalks growing.  I may not have any corn to eat, but I’m happy with the corn stalks.  My tomatoes are growing, slowly.  They are covered with blossoms though, so I’m happy with that.  The heat we had (with massive wind) killed my sage plants and totally destroyed my lattice.  That I’m not happy with.  My avocado is growing well.  It’s almost a foot and a half tall.  Fingers crossed…

My friend who was running for a County Commissioner’s seat lost.  I’m unhappy about that because the guy that won is a jerk.  He will now have control of the County’s money, which is a bad thing cause when he was a city councilman, he voted to spend $20,000 for Christmas Lights for the “main drag” of town.  Problem is, when the lights are on, they look like giant sperm swimming down the street.  He also voted for a coal plant that still (10 years later) does not work and we are still paying for.  Can’t wait to see what he does now.

On the up side, I finally have the shingles for my roof.  Now, how long before the guys get up there and replace the tiles, God only knows.  Really.

Actually, my life in general is going pretty good and I thank God every day for that.  I’m really enjoying my new job in the genealogy lab.  Even the day to day stuff is fun.  I’m having a really good time cataloging all the reference materials we have, gathering up all the death announcements and birth announcements every day, and I have 3 queries that I’m working on.  I’m loving it.

I have a few new health issues, but I also have a Doctor’s appointment to deal with them.  Until I know more about what is going on, I’m not going any farther with that.

Meow-Yen is doing well.  I changed her diet a bit and she’s losing weight and seems much happier.

All in all, at this moment in time, everything is good.


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