There have been a few people that have made some comments that, while I understand that they think they are being constructive and helpful, have become a bit annoying.  So, here’s my answer to those who think they are “helping”.

This is my blog.  I write it mostly for myself.  I’m not looking to sell anything, I’m not interested in increasing my “following” by the hundreds, I’m not interested in improving my writing skills (well, not in the way suggested) and I’m certainly not interested in promoting someone else’s website or blog page.

This is for myself.  And for a few friends who have been kind enough to read it.  It’s my way of keeping anybody who is interested updated on my life.  It’s easier for me to do this then write long, wordy letters, emails or Facebook posts.  I don’t write on a regular basis because things don’t change often in my life.  Mostly.  Those of my friends that read this know how to get in touch with me and while I appreciate the comments, just understand that I reserve the right to completely ignore those that just don’t apply to me or my blog.

As for an email address to contact me, if you become my friend, a real friend, not a web or Facebook friend, I’ll get back with you on that.

To my “real” friends that read my blog, thank you very, very much and I really do appreciate your thoughts and comments.  Keep it up.


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