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On to some projects – finally


Looks pretty good, doesn’t it.  Different angle, but the roofers did a really good job of repairing the ceiling.  And a great job on the roofs.  And the roofs are guaranteed for 30 years.  I like that part.  Now, I can put things where they belong in the back rooms and re-start the projects I had just got started on over a year ago.  I have plans for making this room into my own botanical garden, of sorts.  I have several shelves that will go in and I have an avocado tree growing (needs to be transplanted to a bigger pot), start a citrus tree, and move my tomato plants inside when it gets cooler to see how long I can keep them growing.  As my corn plants fell over, and the roofers all but killed my mint and roses, I will be planting mint inside, along with rosemary, sage and thyme, and trying to grow corn again.  I also have several flowering plants I want to try to grow.  I’m really excited to get started – again.

avocado tree

I still need to replace my seed starting trays and all that stuff, but I can use egg cartons for now.  I also need to figure out a way to compost inside and add a couple of grow lights to the “darker corners”.  (I will still leave room for an eventual washer and dryer, it’s actually a pretty good sized room.)  I have ferns that will just love being out there and white butterfly plants and a Norfolk Island Pine and a golden pothos that’s trying to take over my kitchen.

There is still some cleaning I need to do (That’s why the angle is different), and stuff and things I need to get (soil for one, fertilizer for another, seating), but I’m really excited to start – again.


An update and a few things…

Train Your Dragon 2

Just saw “How to Train Your Dragon 2”.  If you haven’t seen it, GO.  Go now.  I loved it sooo much.  It will make you laugh and cry and cheer.  Sometimes all at once.  You can bet I’ll be getting this one as soon as it comes out.  And if you haven’t seen the first one, GO, rent it or buy it, then go see 2.

Now for the updates…|
I have a new roof on my garage.  Yea!  And it looks real good.  And the City Building Inspector has already been out, looked it over and approved it.  That was on Monday.  Then the rains and hail came.  Lots of rain and pea sized to marble sized hail.  We got 2 inches in two days.  For down here, that’s a lot.  Way more than we got all summer last year.  Talked to the guys yesterday, showed them where the hail had punched holes in the patch and showed them the, once again, caving in roof.  They were here this morning to patch the patch.  Hopefully, we’re done with the rain for a while so they can get back up on the roof.


My front outside faucet was leaking, the plumbers were here this morning, before I left for work, and now I have a new, not leaking faucet.  (I called it a spigot and then had to explain what I meant.  What kind of plumbers don’t know what a spigot is?)

We had an unexpected death in the family, my cousin Clay’s wife’s brother died last week from an asthma attack that couldn’t be stopped.  The really sad thing was that he hadn’t told anybody he had asthma.

My job has just turned awesome.  In October, the current board members of the Genealogy Society time is up.  The lady who is the current president wants out – badly.  She has some health issues and other things going on and she just wants to be a member and not in charge of anything.  So, I’ve had 4 other members approach me to be the President of the Genealogy Society.  Well, of course I said yes.  And the Senior Citizens Board is also looking at spots on the board and I have been asked about taking one of those spots.  Yes.  The only small problem I have is that I still don’t know if I can make the next meeting – reason – hernia surgery, and that’s when I have to formally accept the nomination for President…

And that brings me to the last update – my hernia.  It’s still there and I still don’t know when I’ll have the surgery, but the consultation with the surgeon is just over a week away…

Not as bad as I was afraid it was going to be…

Okay, so I went to my Doctor to talk about a couple of things.  Mostly my arthritis for my Disability, partly to talk about some stomach “issues” I’d been having.  Now, I have to confess, I do use WebMD, and a few other online symptom trackers/definition web sites.  So, when I put in my symptoms and hit search and everything from irritable bowel to pancreatic cancer came up, saying I was concerned was an understatement.  Even though I was concerned, I tried to remind myself that I didn’t have a lot of the symptoms for any of the possible diagnosis listed.  So I asked today.  I explained the symptoms, I could feel my stomach move, it felt like a small rock, and it hurt when I coughed or sneezed or laughed or “strained”.    And here it is – a hernia.  A Ventral Hernia, to be precise.  I really had to look to find a not gross picture of a ventral hernia.


So I’m under orders to not lift/carry anything over 5 pounds (I can’t even carry my own groceries.), rest – a lot – and have a consultation with a surgeon, to set up the surgery.  I have that set for the 29th.

Even after all the reading and questions, yes, I ask questions of my Doctor and of my sister, I’m still, concerned.  I know that hernia surgeries are done frequently and that it is really minor surgery, but it is surgery.  Am I being silly for being concerned?  My sister thinks I am.

Oh, and add to the above that I have allergy caused pink eye.  I’m just so happy with today.  But, as my Mom keeps telling me, “it could be something a lot worse and you needed to know…”

Yea, yea, yea…

My Other Soap Box


Those of you who know me know that of all of God’s creatures, my favorite is the cat.  I love those furry little critters.  I could spend all day playing with my own little furball, Meow-Yen Kitty.


And I take as good care of her as I can.  (Yes, I do have a problem with litter boxes, that’s why she has 2 or 3 at a time.)  She has been fixed and has had all her shots and she is NEVER going outside, until I can buy, or make, a catio for her.  (An enclosed area outside of a window that allows her to go out and come in when she wants, but keeps her from wandering.)  But there is one thing I will never, ever do, and I wish this particular “treatment” would be banned.  I will never declaw her.

Declawing is, to my mind, a form of torture.  I am very unapologetic about this – people who declaw their cats should be arrested for animal abuse and never allowed a pet – of any kind – ever again.

Most people declaw their cats for the most stupid of reasons.  They don’t want their “stuff” scratched.  Buy a scratching post.  Put double sided tape where you don’t want them to scratch, use moth balls, orange scented furniture polish or even orange peels themselves, but don’t declaw the kitty.

Here’s why – declawing doesn’t just remove the claws, which is the cats defensive tools, it takes off the first knuckle of the cat’s foot.  I used to tell people it was like cutting off your fingers at the first joint, but a better analogy is to think of a ballerina.  How would she function if all her toes were cut off at the first joint.  How would you walk if all your toes were cut off at the first knuckle?

Its cruel and inhumane.  Unfortunately, it’s all too human.  Selfish, immature, thoughtlessly human.

So, I’m having a hard time climbing down from this soap box because I just don’t understand how anyone could mistreat those adorable kitties out there.  Which would, if I let it, take me to another soap box, but one’s enough for now.  PLEASE, for the kitties, don’t declaw.

(For a much less angry view point, please watch The Paw Project at .  It’s not gory, it just presents the facts and the results of declawing.)