On to some projects – finally


Looks pretty good, doesn’t it.  Different angle, but the roofers did a really good job of repairing the ceiling.  And a great job on the roofs.  And the roofs are guaranteed for 30 years.  I like that part.  Now, I can put things where they belong in the back rooms and re-start the projects I had just got started on over a year ago.  I have plans for making this room into my own botanical garden, of sorts.  I have several shelves that will go in and I have an avocado tree growing (needs to be transplanted to a bigger pot), start a citrus tree, and move my tomato plants inside when it gets cooler to see how long I can keep them growing.  As my corn plants fell over, and the roofers all but killed my mint and roses, I will be planting mint inside, along with rosemary, sage and thyme, and trying to grow corn again.  I also have several flowering plants I want to try to grow.  I’m really excited to get started – again.

avocado tree

I still need to replace my seed starting trays and all that stuff, but I can use egg cartons for now.  I also need to figure out a way to compost inside and add a couple of grow lights to the “darker corners”.  (I will still leave room for an eventual washer and dryer, it’s actually a pretty good sized room.)  I have ferns that will just love being out there and white butterfly plants and a Norfolk Island Pine and a golden pothos that’s trying to take over my kitchen.

There is still some cleaning I need to do (That’s why the angle is different), and stuff and things I need to get (soil for one, fertilizer for another, seating), but I’m really excited to start – again.


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