Its Soap Box Time!

New chair nap

As many of you know, I have a cat and I adore her.  She makes me crazy some days and other days, she is my bestest buddy ever.  Especially lately.  And as many of you know, I’ve been going through some medical stuff that has me a bit concerned.  (Although I have been told repeatedly not to be, by several people.)  And lately, my sweet faced Meow-Yen Kitty has been surprisingly cuddly.  Which she’s not.  And I’m loving every minute of it.  So here’s where my soap box comes in.  And I will try to be concise.

I love animals, and little kids.  Two of the most loving and innocent of God’s creatures.  I hate that people use and abuse both of them, but today I’m focusing on animal abuse in its oh so many forms.  The point is, why can’t people just be kind.  To animals and kids?  What kind of society do we live in where it’s okay to abuse animals and small children?  You don’t have to like animals.  I know several people who don’t, but they also don’t hurt the furry critters.

I was reading about some police in Detroit who shot a woman’s dog 14 times, because it barked at them.  Really?  Seriously?  Come on people.  Dogs Bark.  Get over it.  And especially the police.  And they weren’t even punished in any way, shape or form.  Not even for discharging their fire arms in the city.

Then there’s the guys in Denver, a few years ago, who thought it would be so funny to light a kitten on fire and watch it run around.  Poor kitten.  Fortunately, the kitten was rescued and after many months of medical care, she was adopted by a family that already had a cat.  Last I heard she is doing fine.  The guys who did this, though just got their wrist slapped and a fine of $75 each (I think).

Do people not realize that those who abuse animals have a 80% chance of going on to abuse people?  It makes my blood boil.  I have rescued kitties myself, and the worse two were the female cat, who was pregnant, whose owner was beating her with a broom because she was always hiding from people.  Well, duh.  I had her for three years and she turned into such a sweet thing, before I had to put her to sleep.

The other rescue was my boy, China Blue.


I found him and his litter mates floating down a small canal in a paper bag.  There were five kittens all together, none of them had their eyes open.  Two were already dead, a third one died on the way to the vet and the fourth one the vet had to euthanize.  Then there was China Blue.  The vet advised against trying to hand raise him (they seem to do that a lot) and warned me he might not make it.  But, I can be very stubborn at times.  I had very understanding employers at the time and they let me rig up a sling to carry him around with me while I was at work.  I had China Blue for close to 16 years and I still miss him.

It is now a felony for people to abuse animals.  About Bloody Time.  At least it is here in Colorado.  Can’t remember if it’s nation wide.  I hope so.  Its just so sad that people have to be such stupid bullies.


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