When it rains…


Well, the last week and a half has been very…trying.  My car was in the shop to be tuned up; oil change, tires rotated, fluids checked, air conditioning recharged, etc., etc., etc.  The next day, as I pulled into my parking spot at work, it started making grinding noises.  When I went out, after work, to start it, it sounded like something hit the hood and the grinding noise was louder and worse.  I tried to put it in gear, to drive the five blocks to the garage, and it wouldn’t move.  She just sat there and looked at me.  (Read: nothing happened at all.)  So after I called my Mom and sister to let them know, I called the garage.  They came over and towed my poor old car back to the garage.  I rode the bus to Walmart, cause I really needed to grocery shop.  My sister came and picked me up from there and took me home.  That was Wednesday.

My sister was going to Texas over the weekend as a family representative for a family funeral.  The plan, initially, was that I would go to my home after work, gather up some clothes, then go over to Mom’s house to spend the night.  After breakfast, I would come back home, do stuff around here, then go back over to Mom’s house, with my laundry, and stay over night and come home when Cindy got home from Texas.  As I didn’t have a car, I had to ride the bus home from work and then have them take me over to Mom’s, where we were both stuck for the whole weekend.  (We had fun and a good time, we just couldn’t go any where.  And the Sand and Sage Parade was last weekend and we had to miss it.  Oh well…)

On Monday, we help set up commodities at the Senior Center.  That happens at 7 am.  I still didn’t have a car.  Cindy’s car, however, was starting to act up itself.  We got through Monday, and my car was delivered to me at 5:30 Monday evening.  Yea!!!  Cost $500 to repair and here’s why – my car has a serpentine fan belt.  The main gear that “drives” the fan belt, separated.  When that happened, the fan belt hit a pulley and loosened it which in turn hit the water pump and loosened it and knocked out some of the sealant.  It was leaking.  So it took them awhile to get all the parts and, I understand from the mechanic, it was like doing a jigsaw puzzle to get everything in properly.

Tuesday, Cindy called me to ask if I would either go over and give her a jump or take her to commodity distribution.  I took her.  The mechanic, once again, towed one of our vehicles into the garage.  So, for 2 days, again, Cindy and I shared a car.  Today, Cindy called to see if I was going to stop by after work for lunch.  She then told me what had been wrong with her car.  (This needs a little back story.  None of us smoke, so we use the ash tray to hold loose coins.)  While she was in Texas, she figures, driving over some of the rough, dirt roads around Vega, one of the pennies (copper) bounced into the lighter hole.  Once she started driving on smooth roads again, the penny’s constant contact with the lighter igniter caused a short and she lost all the electrical.  The mechanic thought it was funny and kept the penny.  It cost her $60 – for labor.

Then today I talked to the surgeon, finally.  Seems it really is a hernia, a big hernia, but a hernia all the same.  That makes me happy.  However, because I have Atrial Flutter, the doctors and nurses down here don’t feel comfortable doing surgery on me.  So, I have to go to either Denver or Colo. Springs for the surgery.  The surgeon here will recommend a surgeon in Denver, if that’s what I want.  So, I will have a consult with my Doctor on the 21st, and a meeting with a cardiologist on the 18th, then we’ll figure out who I will be seeing and when.  I am so over this and want it done –  now.


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