Ring of Kerry_Atlantic

I see it’s been awhile so, I better do some updating…

I finally completed all the tests that were required from me for my hernia surgery.  Went to the cardiologist to see if I was cleared for surgery and found out that I am 100% cleared for surgery.  His words?  My heart is great and my lungs are good there should be no problems at all and he didn’t expect to see me as a regular patient for many, many years.

So, here I was all ready for surgery and have to wait two more weeks.  You see, the surgeon called me the Friday before and told me the surgery was pushed back 2 weeks because he hadn’t received all the paperwork from my Doctors down here.  So, after my meeting with the Cardiologist, I called my personal Doctor and made sure he was sending the information to my surgeon quickly.  So now, my pre surgery meeting is set for Oct. 13th and surgery is set for the 16th.  Then, hopefully, home by the 20th or 21st.  Yea.

Before all that, I became the president of the Prowers County Genealogy Society.  At least I won’t miss my first meeting as president, even though I have no idea how to run the meeting.  Oh well, I will learn.

So I’m still in that holding pattern, but at least I have a landing schedule now.  Yeah, I know, mixed metaphors.  Give me a break, it’s been a long day…


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