Well, that’s going to leave a mark…

laparoscopic surgery

Well, my surgery is done.  Now comes the recovery part.  But first, here’s a few bits and pieces about my surgery…

When they got “in there”, the hernia was bigger than they thought and it was evident that I had had the hernia far longer than they thought.  So, on top of closing my hernia, they also had to do a small “tummy tuck” because the stomach had attached to the fat at the top of the hernia and the surgeon had to cut and remove a section of belly fat so the stomach would fall back into place properly.  So I was 3 hours late going in to surgery, in surgery for 4 hours and in recovery for 2 hours.   What I remember is waiting for ever, then hearing the nurse say “we’re going to give you a shot now.”  I remember being wheeled down the hall and going into the operating room and then I remember hearing people call my name and not being able to talk or move, not knowing where I was or what was going on.  Then I saw Cindy and grabbed hold of her hand while they pulled the tube out of my throat.  Surprisingly, I realized it didn’t hurt and I tried to tell Cindy she couldn’t leave, but she said she had to and everybody else told me to relax, everything was done and I was going to my room.  I think they had me help them move me onto the bed in the hospital room, but I could be wrong.  I remember waking up at 6 am Friday morning thinking I had to let everybody know I had survived surgery.  So I sent out a bunch of texts, then went back to sleep for several more hours.  And that is what I remember most of Friday.  Waking up from sleeping – a lot.  I did manage to sit up and I did walk down the hall.  Everybody was so very nice and so pleased at how quickly I was recovering (at this time I didn’t know how long the surgery had been or about the tummy tuck).  I kept telling them that this was my first only, ever surgery and they seemed even more surprised by that.

On Saturday, in the afternoon, I was released from the hospital.  Today is Wednesday.  I’m still on percocet, but have reduced what I’m taking by at least half, I’m still on Oxygen but I have an appointment with my Doctor on Monday and hopefully will be off oxygen by then, and I still have very little stamina at the moment.  But that will come back in time.  I’m still not eating a lot, and that I’m hoping will stick around for a little while longer…

So I’ve been “up” for 5 hours so far today and I think I’m going to go lay down for a little rest now…


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