Venting from my soap box…


Okay.  I will not be using names in my rant tonight.  In no way am I protecting anybody but my own self here.

There are few things that sent me straight to completely pissed off faster than a fool spouting his foolishness and insisting his view of life, the universe and everything is the correct vision and every thing else is the result of communists infiltrating EVERYTHING and spreading their lies and manipulating every one to their way of thinking.  He even has “proof”.  And he’s writing a book so that he can save the rest of the world.  Normally, this sort of idiocy wouldn’t bother me much, but now, he’s announced that Christianity  and the Bible are all based on a lie.  Oh, and he says he’s a Christian Atheist.  Talk about your oxymoron.  He believes that Jesus was born and lived and died and ascended into heaven.  Beyond that, there is no proof that any of the other “stuff” in the bible happened.  Oh, and Hitler was forgiven and Satan will be forgiven and we’ll all be one big happy family living in a new Jerusalem.  Seriously?  And it doesn’t matter if we can show him proof, from archeological digs, that just about everything mentioned in the Bible is true, he insists that its all manufactured stuff from the communists that run the world.  When he is reminded that communists don’t believe in God or Jesus, he just shakes his head and says “See, even you believe their lies and stories.”

I just want to hit him upside the head with a 2×4.  With a rusted nail in it.  Several times.

I told him this morning that he is never to talk to me again.  Ever, unless he wants me to take his head off.  Then he says, “But, you’re my favorite person, ever.”    Really?  Seriously?  I just reiterated my earlier statement – do not talk to me – ever.

Here’s the part that really annoys me, though.  I feel sorry for him.  I know his brain is broken and that’s why he spouts all this nonsense, but he never listens to any body else.  And he’s about to get himself thrown out of the Senior Center.  And I don’t think he understands that it’s his own fault.  So, I get so mad at him, but then I feel so sorry for him.  and yes, I do say prayers for him, but I wonder if it’s worth my time to continue.  If he truly denies the existence of God and does not believe the Holy Bible, then what are his chances of going to heaven?  I’m thinking hell, in a hand basket.  And then I feel sorry for him.  Then I say a prayer for him.  Then I get annoyed with myself.

So, the days he’s at The Senior Center, are my hardest, worse days cause I know, no matter how busy I am, he’s sitting there, at the first computer just past my desk waiting for me to turn around to talk to him.  And I refuse to turn around while he’s in the room.

I don’t know if there is a solution, I just needed to vent…



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