The Winter Solstice


(Before I go any farther, I have to say that the above picture is from a site called  They are in Australia and this is a replica of Stonehenge at the Winter Solstice as it would have been seen around 1950 BC.)

Today is the Winter Solstice.  My favorite day of the year.  Yes, it is the shortest day of the year, and winter officially begins today, but that’s all okay, sort of.  The days will start getting longer again.  Yes, I know we still have “the dead of winter” to get through, but from my depression’s point of view, it’s all good now.  There will still be snow and cold and grey skies, but I can see the end of winter coming in three months.

Now, while over all, I’m very happy, I know there are going to be days when I will have to deal with my S.A.D., but that’s okay.  I have dealt with it for many years, and it does get easier as the days go by and the light stays longer.

Christmas is only 4 days away now.  Even though I didn’t do much decorating this year – couldn’t afford to pay for the extra electricity- I am still looking forward to spending time with my family and just being together.  We may have an Aunt and Uncle come and my brother may try to come for Saturday, so we will have lots of good times and laughter and food.  And that’s the most important part for me.  Being with the people I love, and who love me, and letting them know how much they mean to me.

So, for all of you who are reading this, Have yourself a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year.


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