So, it’s winter in so very many ways…


Well, I’ve been wanting to post for awhile, but there were a few things I had to be certain of first.  So, today I am certain.  There’s good news there’s bad news and there’s crappy news.  Good news first.  I have lost another 10 pounds.  I am officially UNDER 300 pounds.  I am so excited.  Thanks to Weight Watchers and my own self determination to get healthy by the end of this year.  I still have a lot more weight to lose, but I’m only concentrating on small bits at a time.  Won’t make myself crazy that way.  So, in total, I’ve lost close to 45 pounds.  Yea me!

Now for the bad news.  I have Costochondritis.  That’s a big word for the separation of the cartilage from the breast bone.  So, you can “bust a gut” from coughing and/or sneezing.  Or it could have been when I moved some fairly large, some what heavy boxes at work.  Now, IF i don’t do anything to strain my ribs (no heavy lifting, no hard coughing (as if that will happen) and no excessive sneezing (again, as if), it could take 6 weeks to 2 months for the cartilage to heal.  Oh joy.  Which also falls into the crappy news…

The hernia repair didn’t last.  It’s still very small, about the size of a quarter, but, the hernia is back.  So, I’m back to being very careful with what I lift and “keeping an eye on the hernia”.   And it’s in the same place as the previous hernia.   Oh well.

So, I am still processing all this stuff.  But instead of dwelling on it too much, I think I’m going to go have an ice cream sandwich.  Weight Watcher’s brand, of course…


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