Well, this isn’t fun…


Been spending an inordinate amount of time here tonight and I don’t know why.  Haven’t had any signs of sickness, not even a stomach ache so, it has to be something I ate, but, to be honest, I can’t think of what.  Unless it was the licorice.  That’s the only thing I’ve eaten lately that isn’t in my regular diet.  I love black licorice so I bought some.  But, I made it last almost a week, which is good for me.  Hum.  Still, I don’t know…

My TV went out, sort of, this week.  No picture, just sound.  Good thing I had my DVR set to record all my favorite shows.  Will be getting a new, used TV tomorrow, just need to find a place for it.  It’s bigger and older (Analog NOT LED) so it won’t fit where my not working TV is.  I don’t have much room and even less electrical outlets.  But an idea is forming… just have to do some measuring to be sure…

Got my taxes done.  Getting a decent amount back, should help me get caught up on my bills and stuff.

One finally note, next month I have my hearing for my Disability.  So hope I win.  It would be such a big help financially…  Wish me luck.

Now, it’s back to the bathroom and then, hopefully, to bed.

Good night all.

ap-1001-2731-twin-bed-low-profile(Not really my bed, but you get the drift…)


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