We have had one heck of a thunderstorm.  Continuous rumblings of thunder for close to 2 hours.  Lots of rain, pea sized hail and the tornado sirens went off twice.  I know tornadoes were spotted on the ground, just not really sure where.  It’s just raining now, with an occasional rumble of thunder.  Meow-Yen has come out of her hidey hole and is curled up, sleeping, and snoring, on my feet.  Don’t mind at all.

Bleeding Hearts

Got some of my plants in the dirt.  A super sweet 100 cherry tomato, rosemary and a bleeding heart.  Those got planted yesterday.  Today I got 3 more tomato plants, given to me by a friend who has a farm and has too many tomato plants for the space they have.  They are labeled.  Two are “F” type tomatoes and 1 is a “J” type tomato.  Have no clue, but they will get planted tomorrow.  As will my sweet corn, some beets, some marigolds and maybe some watermelons –  if I have enough pots and dirt.

I noticed, today, that all the rain has helped my two vines out immensely.  The wild grape ivy is about 10 inches high.  The trumpet vine is about 5 inches high.  Need to figure out how to get a net up so the vines have something to grow on.  I also think my mint is starting to grow, too.  Can’t find my poor little rose bush, but I’m seriously thinking of buying one or two full grown rose bushes for that corner.  With lots of thorns, for anybody who thinks they can just knock them over.  (Long, angry story that I’m not in the mood to go into just now.)

I need to trim my red cedar bush, but I need to get a good, sharp, heavy duty pair of clippers.  My red cedar tree lost a branch in the last storm (not the one that just ended).  That made me sad.

Well, that’s all for now.  On a personal note,  I am getting better everyday.  Still working on the stamina part of recovery, but I feel better and breath easier every day.  Does make me very happy.


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