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An update and a few things…

Train Your Dragon 2

Just saw “How to Train Your Dragon 2”.  If you haven’t seen it, GO.  Go now.  I loved it sooo much.  It will make you laugh and cry and cheer.  Sometimes all at once.  You can bet I’ll be getting this one as soon as it comes out.  And if you haven’t seen the first one, GO, rent it or buy it, then go see 2.

Now for the updates…|
I have a new roof on my garage.  Yea!  And it looks real good.  And the City Building Inspector has already been out, looked it over and approved it.  That was on Monday.  Then the rains and hail came.  Lots of rain and pea sized to marble sized hail.  We got 2 inches in two days.  For down here, that’s a lot.  Way more than we got all summer last year.  Talked to the guys yesterday, showed them where the hail had punched holes in the patch and showed them the, once again, caving in roof.  They were here this morning to patch the patch.  Hopefully, we’re done with the rain for a while so they can get back up on the roof.


My front outside faucet was leaking, the plumbers were here this morning, before I left for work, and now I have a new, not leaking faucet.  (I called it a spigot and then had to explain what I meant.  What kind of plumbers don’t know what a spigot is?)

We had an unexpected death in the family, my cousin Clay’s wife’s brother died last week from an asthma attack that couldn’t be stopped.  The really sad thing was that he hadn’t told anybody he had asthma.

My job has just turned awesome.  In October, the current board members of the Genealogy Society time is up.  The lady who is the current president wants out – badly.  She has some health issues and other things going on and she just wants to be a member and not in charge of anything.  So, I’ve had 4 other members approach me to be the President of the Genealogy Society.  Well, of course I said yes.  And the Senior Citizens Board is also looking at spots on the board and I have been asked about taking one of those spots.  Yes.  The only small problem I have is that I still don’t know if I can make the next meeting – reason – hernia surgery, and that’s when I have to formally accept the nomination for President…

And that brings me to the last update – my hernia.  It’s still there and I still don’t know when I’ll have the surgery, but the consultation with the surgeon is just over a week away…