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Its a short trip….

Ring of Kerry_Atlantic

I’m having “a day”.  The first half went okay.  Good, actually.  but since I’ve been home from work, well, it’s been frustrating.   And I can’t even say why.

Well, that’s not exactly right…  Found out that I missed the turn in date for my time sheet for work.  Hopefully faxing it in first thing tomorrow will be okay.  Geez.  Then I decided it was time to clean up my desk.  I’m not overly tidy, at home.  Lots of old receipts, kleenex, calendars, bills that should be in either the paid or the unpaid file, all the genealogy stuff, spread all over the place,  fake flowers, Smurfs, Ficus trees,  inhalant boxes, pill bottles, gnomes, empty coke bottles, blank and used computer disks…  I could go on but I won’t.  So, I started going through piles and throwing stuff away, then clipping things together, making new files, finding old files…  And I still can’t see the top of my desk.  I even found 3 plates and a bowl with the silverware laying on them.  Geez.

But why should my desk be the exception to the rule?  My whole house is ridiculous right now and I think it’s starting to get to me.

I still have boxes of Christmas decorations sitting in my living room.  Forget Christmas, I’ve still got Halloween decorations sitting in my living room.  And I can’t find my kitchen table.  It’s covered with partial emptied boxes and bags.  Why is this the case?  I STILL can’t get into my utility room.  We’re going on 6 months now.  I am getting very frustrated and unhappy.

And, here’s what’s really bugging me – I can’t do a thing about it.  It’s not, yet, my house.  I still have to deal with a land lady.  Now, you need to understand, My Land Lady is the sweetest old lady ever.  And therein lies the problem.  She is very kind and forgiving and patient.  And the contractor is her friend.  And the contractor is at the bottom of the issue.  He’s been in Mexico having “heart procedures” done.  According to my Land Lady, he’s home now and “recovering” and when he’s better, he promises he’ll get right over here and finish up the roof.  Excuse me, there are two roofs to be done, not just one.  And yesterday was one of the windiest days all winter long.

Oh well… What can I do?  Take up knitting and learn to be exceptionally patient.