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Well, when did this happen?


Yesterday, My Mom, Sister and a family friend and I went garage saling.  Before we got started, we went to McDonald’s for a quick breakfast.  When Cindy was ordering, I realized that she ordered a Senior Coffee for me.  When did I become “a Senior”?  And do I really want to be one?  It’s not that I mind taking advantage of all the benefits that come with being “a Senior”, I’m just not sure I’m ready to admit that I am one.  I certainly don’t feel like it.  Except on days like today, when the barometer is in the basement and ankles hurt and knees hurt and shoulders hurt and back hurts.  For a change, the only thing that hasn’t hurt today is my sciatic hip.

Okay, so I’m now on oxygen 24/7, darn asthma and COPD, (and no, I have never smoked, just bad lungs, badly cared for when I was growing up.), I have trouble walking long distances, thanks arthritis, my right shoulder is now starting to give me grief, I find the occasional silver strand of hair from time to time and sleep and I have not agreed on sleep times for quite awhile.  There, that is my list of complaints.  There are a few more things, but they’re little and only bother me on  rare occasions.

So, here’s the thing, I still FEEL like I’m in my forties or fifties.  I know, age is a matter of mind, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.  And most of the time, I could care less how old I am.  Sometimes, though, I feel old.  Today is one of those days.  Low barometer, wind, and heat – 76 degrees today, March 6th.  76 degrees.  In March.  It’s a little scary.  I don’t do well in heat.  I’ve had 2 “episodes” of heat sickness and the last put me in the hospital.  So there’s another thing that doesn’t work so well any more – my internal thermostat is shot to pieces.

Still, I guess I’m really not too upset about the Senior thing.  I just don’t know exactly when it happened.  And why…


A Small-ish Treasure

Turn of the Century Bible

Went out gargae saling today. And after cruising around and finding nothing of any great interest – unless you’re looking for baby clothes, kids clothes or tools – we were starting to get hunger and it was starting to get hot (90 degrees already), we had one more on the list. When we pulled up at the address, oh my there was so much stuff! My sister and I wandered around for swveral minutes. I found a bone chine seal about 1 inch tall (goes with all the other little bone china animals I now own) and Cindy spotted an American Flag (which I needed). Then she motioned me over to where she was standing and said there’s an old book over there you should go look at. I love old books. This one had a leather binding and covers (which weren’t attached) and is about 4 inches thick and measures 10 inches by 12 inches.. That could only be one type of book. an old Bible. I opened it up, very carefully and verified that it was a Bible. I asked how much they wanted for it. One dollar. They found it in a house they bought 10 years or so ago. So, for four bucks today, I got a small bone china seal, a 36 inch by 48 inch American Flag and a wonderful old Bible.

Once home, and with a few minutes to spare to look at it, I realized that I’m going to have to find someone who knows what they are doing to repair/replace the binding. I can repair the damaged pages. The neatest thing I found, though, is, to me, priceless. It’s the record of one family’s births and deaths, circa 1824 to 1867. The paper is very fragile and the writing is very old fashioned. I think I’m going to copy it so I can study on it and not do any damage to the original. So neat to find.

It may not be worth a lot financially, but I am overjoyed to have found it. Thanks so very much to my sister for seeing it.

Not just another weekend…

Well, it was suppose to be just like any other weekend, garage saling, breakfast, then home to do stuff around the house. Sunday, Lunch at Mom’s and wash clothes. But it didn’t turn out that way.

Friday, after work, I didn’t really feel that good. I didn’t feel bad, just not good. And I was using my inhaler far too much. Then Saturday, after a night that wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, we went garage saling and breakfast, but breakfast was from McDonalds. (Don’t misunderstand, I usually love McDonald’s, but not Saturday.) After about an hour of garage sales, I was done. I did get a few really neat pieces; 2 of the newer Fietsa pieces, in cobalt blue, and a Colorado Brown Medium Pitcher from MarCrest (they were made in the 50’s and early 60’s and were usually “Special gifts” at various grocery stores with certain other purchases.)  I love the Colorado Brown Dot and Daisy stoneware. Always have. Any way, when I got home, I realized that I was having a lot of trouble breathing and my inhalant wasn’t doing me any good. I also couldn’t sleep very well. Every time I laid down, I felt like I was choking. Try sleeping sitting up. It ain’t easy. I called Mom Sunday and said I wasn’t going over. I was completely out of inhalant and breathing was getting very difficult. After another night of little to no sleep, I went to the walk -in Clinic at 8 this morning. Found out I have fluid on/in my lungs.

Once I know what the problem is, I can usually deal with it, but this one is difficult. The fluid could have come from my swamp cooler. Not from mold or mildew, but from a bacteria. I’m also very sensitive to heat, and it’s been very hot here, and that’s a possibility. So are the dust storms we have and the rapid and continuous shifting of the barometer… My Doctor wasn’t real sure, but I go back on Wednesday and see how I’m doing. What happens at the Doctor’s office decides what we do next. If the diuretic is working, then I will continue with that. If not… I don’t know. The dreaded Legionnaire’s Disease was thrown out as a possibility. Not something I want to think about at all. But it’s hard not to. Oh well…

I’ve been running to the bathroom every 2 hours or so since I took my first pill. It’s going to be a long night…