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Stuff and things and stuff…


There is an old (1985 or thereabouts) Jeff Goldblum movie called “Into the Night”.  He plays an insomniac who runs into all sorts of problems when he picks up Michelle Pfieffer at the airport.  It’s a very funny movie.  I used to watch it frequently.    But after 3 days of not getting much sleep, I’m beginning to understand the character’s moments of crazy.  Not really sure why I can’t sleep.  Maybe the wind has something to do with it.  Been real windy for the last few days.

The wind is blowing right now at 17 to 26 mph with gusts up to 35 or 40 mph.  Normally, that’s nothing.  Or I should say, that’s nothing for here.  But it hasn’t stopped for 3 days.  Oh well.

I was looking around the house today and I realized that I have been here over 1 year and I still haven’t put up any pictures or posters or anything.  That’s always one of the first things I do.  Haven’t felt like it.  Oh, I have flashes.  Brief moments when I just really want a picture or poster on the wall to look at, but it passes rather quickly.  Maybe it’s cause I’m still not sure this is my home.  My land lady, who I love to pieces, just turned 93.  She’s starting to sell off her other rental units (she has 3 or 4 others), and I’m just not certain what’s going to happen here.  I really want to keep this old house, but right now, I don’t know if I have the ability to buy it from her.  I only have $1500 saved up and I’m not sure that’s enough for a down payment, even if she only wants $15,000 to $18,000 for the house.  I guess that’s another thing I’ll have to let God deal with.

I got my annual invite to work at the StarFest Convention in Denver in May.  Had to turn it down and I hated doing that.  First, I can’t afford the trip.  Gas there and back is going to run my around $125 to $150.  the room is $99 a night – for 4 nights (plus taxes and stuff), and food, which will run me about $50 (they feed you 1 meal a day except after the Con closes, then you get a big whatever is left over plus pizza meal).  So I’m looking at right around $600 or so dollars.  Probably more cause you can’t go to the Con and not shop.

The other reason I cancelled is because my arthritis is getting worse.  I wouldn’t be able to walk the whole way across the hotel in less than 15 or 20 minutes.  I used to be able to do it in 5 or less.  And even though there are elevators, those of us who work the Con usually have the rooms farthest away from the elevators.  Yea.  the Con is not going to happen for me this year.  I’m sad.

Let me see, what else has me torqued…  Ah yes.  My new car.  What a piece of junk.  I knew it had “issues” when I got it.  And you really can’t argue with the price – the cost of a Big Mac, but it is getting to be frustrating.  The master brake cylinder leaks, so about once a month, the brake light and alarm comes on, so I have to add brake fluid.  The roof is starting to crack and it leaks like a sieve and the windshield wipers are for crap.  The only thing that makes it any better than my POS truck is the gas mileage.  I get pretty good mileage out of it.

Oh well.  I think that’s enough for now.  Maybe getting these frustrations out will help me to sleep.  Certainly can’t hurt…