About me

Who I am and why you should read this

Hi!  welcome to my site.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  First my name is Liz.  I’m a 50+ resident of a small town on the High Plains of Colorado.  While I was born here, it hasn’t been until lately that I moved here to live.  I lived in Denver and was fairly happy there until the downfall of the economy.  Suddenly, I found myself unemployed.  Seriously unemployed.  After searching for well over a year for a job, I had to give in and move back home.  Here’s the surprising thing, at least to me, I found a lovely small, old house and 2 part time jobs.

While I love this house that I, and my kitty, Meow-Yen, live in, and plan on posting about all the stuff I do to it, there are lots of things I have opinions about.  I love to garden, work on ceramics, play on the computer and play with my kitty.  There are TV shows that I watch, almost religiously, and other shows that, despite everyone’s insistence that I watch, I won’t watch.  Not voluntarily.  I watch, and read, science fiction and the occasional murder mystery, along the lines of Murder She Wrote, or cozy mysteries, as they are called.  I write a little bit, too, so there’s a lot for me to talk about.

So, again, welcome to my site.  Enjoy and come back often.


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