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Here we go again


Disclaimer – all statements and thoughts are mine.  If you don’t agree, that’s fine, but I want no hate mail.  Freedom of Speech and all that.  And yes, I know you have your right to speak, just understand, on this one subject, for now, I don’t care about your opinion.  Even if it is the same as my own.  These are my thoughts and frustrations and annoyances, and I’m mostly just venting, but if it causes one person to sit up, pay attention and think for themselves,woo hoo!

Election time is starting to roll around and, once again, I am struck by how absolutely gullible the American public is.  The four alleged front runners for the Presidency are as follows, an ultra conservative who still isn’t sure he believes in global warning; a Socialist (really?); a liar and a cheat; and a social graces challenged ego maniac.  Seriously, do any of you take the time to read, or really listen, to what they have to say?

I’ve looked it up, out Ultra Conservative has little or no idea what “middle America”, or what’s left of it, has on their minds regarding the future of the country.

The Socialist has been trying to white wash Socialism so that people think that’s what the founding fathers REALLY intended for the country.  Seriously?  People, go back to your fifth grade readers and read about the revolutionary war and the real reasons our country was started.  Has NOTHING to do with Socialism and everything to do with Democracy.  Look  the two words up in the dictionary.  They have nothing in common.

As for the liar and the cheat, This particular person’s past speaks volumes for it’s self.  Sorry, people, a leopard really doesn’t change it’s spots.

As for our social graces challenged ego maniac, doesn’t that description fit?  Does not know how to keep his mouth shut, or how to speak, or behave, diplomatically.  And we are going to trust this person to keep us safe?  Yea, I don’t think so.

And, yes, I’ve already made up my mind.  Once again, it’s the devil you know verses the devil you don’t.  Unfortunately, in this scenario, nobody wins, not really.





I’m ranting, a bit, tonight…


This has been on my mind for awhile, so I finally decided to get it out of my system and this seemed the best way, fewer feelings will be hurt this way…

I want my Facebook page to be a place I can go to, to catch up with my family and friends, look at cute kitty and puppy pictures, obsess over my favorite TV shows and/or movies, and play some games.  In other words, I want it to be a place where I can go to get away from all the noise and nonsense of the “real” world.

So, and I say with without any rancor or anger or anything negative,  I won’t be “liking” or posting on any of the political rants or challenges or demands that come across my page.  I won’t block or delete any of my friends for that, it’s your right to say what ever you want.  You know, that whole freedom of speech thing.  It’s also my right to not read or remark on any of the posts that I don’t like.

I do have my own opinions and thoughts and feelings, but I prefer to keep these to myself.  I don’t, right now anyway, feel like they need to be aired in public.

Anyway, there it is, Thanks for reading.