Monthly Archives: September 2014

Well, here we go…


In 11 days, I’m off to Denver.  (Yes, my sister is going with.)  At this point, I’m just anxious to get up there and get all this finished.  I have my surgery clearance appointment with my cardiologist on the 29, then we leave on the 30th cause my pre-surgery appointment at Rose Medical is on the 1st of Oct.  I’ve filled out, signed and returned my leave of absence form and made sure someone has the key to to the desk so, if needed, Genealogy people can get into the desk to get the keys for the cabinets and stuff.  As I am now the President of the Genealogy Society, I have to let my Vice President know I probably won’t be there for October’s meeting.  Thing is, I don’t think he will be either.  So there may not be a meeting in October.  Oh well.

Time wise, I have a little less than a week to get everything “situated”.  Need to make sure all the plants are watered well, that there’s plenty of kitty food out for Meow-Yen, plus making sure I have everything I need up in Denver.  Mostly slippers, loose clothing, things to do that don’t require exertion, books to read (Thanks, Lynne 🙂  ), crossword puzzles, throat lozenges and maybe some hot tea for soothing my throat after surgery, all my meds, just in case…  Whoosh!

Meow-Yen gets that something is going on, so she’s become the massive velcro kitty lately.  As I type this, she’s curled up on my feet under my desk.  Silly girl.  I so wish I could make her understand that it’s only for a little while then I’ll be back.  Some times she just lays on her window seat and watches me…


I love her so much!  Silly girl.

Well, my “break” is over, time to get back to doing dishes and sweeping the floor and finding something to pack my clothes in…  So much to do and I’m running out of time…


Too much – maybe???


Oh dear.  I feel a little like the picture – even though it feels like everything is just pouring down on me all at once, I know that in the end it will be okay.  It’s just getting there that’s the problem.

Tomorrow I go to Colorado Springs for my PET test.  That’s the stress test where they lay you done on a table (well that’s a bit simplistic, but still) and give you some drugs to make  your heart race and then they give you some drugs to calm your heart down.  My Uncle Mike’s gone through it, Mom’s gone through it, and now it’s my turn.  And I’m a little nervous about it.

The hunters are down – dove hunters.  They go home later today and tomorrow.  In the meantime, we have a big “feast”, doves, chicken, potato salad, salads (of all kinds), cakes (several birthdays to celebrate), and ice cream.  We used to have home made ice cream, but no body wants to do that any more except me (and I can’t do it this year).  After the big feast, several of the young ones (Okay, so they’re in their 20s and 30s, still…) take a few hours to help us all out on projects that we can’t do ourselves.  This year, they will be bringing a 2-drawer file cabinet over and putting a ceiling fan in my bedroom.  So, I have to have the bedroom swept (My cat is a very messy eater) and they will move the bed out of the way.  I have 10 foot ceilings.  This will be interesting.

I’ve had to have a talk with my land lady about my rent payments.  Fortunately, we worked out an arrangement that allows me a two month leeway in paying my full rent amount.  Ann is the best.  She was more worried about me than the rent payment.  Almost made me cry.

And I’m doing an fair job of not crying.  Even though I feel massively overwhelmed right now.  It’s starting to look like the first week in October for my surgery.  And I’m still more than a little concerned about that.  But, the more I talk to some people, the less my anxiety is.

And I’m not sleeping well.  I start trying to go to bed at 9 pm.  If I’m lucky, I’ll be asleep by 10:30.  Usually it’s after midnight.  Oh well… maybe after this last test I will be able to sleep a bit more.  Maybe.

Well, it’s getting to be that time.  I need to shower and get dressed and finish getting the trash out and gather up my clothes and head over to Mom’s house for “The Big Feast”.  Oh joy.